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WORDS & MUSIC:   Earl P. Reinhalter

       I.  Mercury trips over wings on his feet
           and drops his baton like a crucifix.
           the thermometer slips, my dreams in retreat:
           ninety-eight, ninety-seven, ninety-six point six.
           I was tabula rasa
           become a slave to a massa.
           you can call someone
           to fix the weather vane.
           it's time to blame
           the messenger again.

      II.  a minute in traffic is a century late
           in the glass and the steel of your microscope.
           a sympathy laugh at a minor complaint
           becomes a report in an envelope.
           if the want ads were honest,
           they would do what they promised.
           they would tell the future,
           they would tell the truth:
           you will quit, you'll be fired,
           you will throw away your youth.

 CHORUS:   blaming the messenger
           is easier than fixing what's wrong.
           blaming the messenger
           makes you feel so strong.
             you can say it was the messenger
             blame it on the messenger
             every day I hear
             the same old song.
               you can say it was the messenger
               blame it on the messenger
               but everybody knows
               it was you all along.
                 everybody knows
                 you're what's wrong.

           (repeat chorus)

 ENDING:   Ivan Denisovich
           is workin' like a son-of-a-bitch.
           all the people stop to ask him why.
           Ivan Denisovich
           says, "I'm building a bridge
           over the River Kwai.
           that's why.
           every beam and trestle
           is straight and on the level.
           we all do our best,
           even for the devil.
           that's why."

© Copyright 1994 Earl P. Reinhalter.   All Rights Reserved.



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