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WORDS & MUSIC:   Earl P. Reinhalter

A6 = A6sus4(add9)(no3rd)           E6 = E6(add9)(no3rd)

         INTRO:  E - E6 - Emaj7 - E6
                 A - A6 - Amaj7 - A6  (3 times)

                 A         A6              Amaj7   A6
             I.  I can't believe you still care,
                 A       A6                Amaj7   A6
                 after I left you standing there,
                           A          A6    Amaj7         A6
                 when I've done all I could to break your heart,
                 A             A6             A       A6   Amaj7   A6
                 you're giving me a brand new start.

                 A         A6                 Amaj7   A6
            II.  I can't believe you're still here,
                 A               A6               Amaj7   A6
                 through all the pain and all the fear.
                 A           A6     Amaj7        A6
                 one day I'm yours, and then I'm gone.
                 A            A6             E   (into instrumental)
                 I don't give much to build upon.

  INSTRUMENTAL:  E - E6 - Emaj7 - E6  (twice)

                 A              A6
       REFRAIN:  deep in love a maiden fell
                 Amaj7                 A6
                 with a funny poet who cast a spell.
                 A                  A6
                 then the trance he rudely broke
                 Amaj7                        A6
                 could not be recast with the words
                          A    A6         Amaj7   A6
                 he spoke.         no, no.
                          A           A6
                 but when you look at me,
                 Amaj7       A6
                 you make me feel
                 A          A6
                 this isn't magic,
                         A     A6   Amaj7   A6
                 this is real.

                 A                    A6
        ENDING:  'cause you're giving me,
                 Amaj7         A6
                 you're giving me,
                 A             A6
                 you're giving me
                 N.C.        A     A6   Amaj7   A6   A
                 a brand new start.

© Copyright 1983 Earl P. Reinhalter.   All Rights Reserved.



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