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WORDS & MUSIC:   David D. Dayries

             I.  started out
                 just a way to kill time
                 in this I thought we shared
                 the same frame of mind
                 but as it turns out
                 you went and fell in love
                 but I don't love you
                 I've had enough

            II.  so I gave it a try
                 playin' part of your game
                 but can't you see I don't love you
                 this charade is insane
                 just to get through the night
                 I am forced to fantasize
                 about other women
                 whom I don't dispise.

           III.  I tried to be nice
                 but you were too sleazy
                 I even tried to respect you
                 but you were too easy
                 I thought of you as a trophy
                 I could hang on my wall
                 but I threw it away
                 it was too small

        CHORUS:  so I'm dumping you
                 I'm dumping you
                 I've got much better things to do
                 'cause I'm dumping you
                 I'm dumping you
                 so pack your bags
                 we're through

        BRIDGE:  out of my face
                 go 'way from me
                 quit hangin' around my door
                 stop acting like
                 a stupid childish whore
                 what do you mean
                 I've never acted like this before
                 I don't care
                 if it's me whom you adore
                 you're just an average body
                 with no brain that I abhor
                 go home to daddy

        ENDING:  she got dumped
                 she got dumped
                 leveled by a dump truck
                 dump truck
                 no more tumble and twirl
                 boy dumps girl
                 I want a bed
                 you want a bed
                 you all alone
                 me all alone
                 you in a bed
                 you want a bed
                 you in, in a bed
                 I want a bed
                 you all alone in a bed
                 you all alone...bed
                 you all alone in a bed
                 I dumped you
                 you didn't dump me
                 I dumped you
                 you didn't dump me
                 you're all alone
                 all alone
                 you're all alone
                 all alone, all alone

© Copyright 1987 David D. Dayries.   All Rights Reserved.



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