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At Jacks Sugar Shack in Hollywood, California


The Macananys started out with a roar and left with a wimper, with one of the oddest bits of programming I've ever seen. The first song was fierce rockabilly of the sort not seen since Dave Alvin played with X. After that, each song got progressively slower. They did get an encore, however. True to form, it was a ballad. It was as if they had played their set list in reverse.

Cisco's set was similar to his 5-13-97 Barn Dance performance.

Also on the bill: Skip Heller


Tonight's show also doubled as a surprise birthday party for Steve Trutanich. Sylvia Flowers prepared the cake and there were surprise performances by the Blazers and Tammy Diddley (Bo's daughter).



Once the scheduled performers had played, the "jam" part of the evening began. First up was sit-in guest Tammy Diddley, the drumming daughter of rock pioneer Bo Diddley. Using a headset mike, and backed by Ronnie Mack and the Barn Dance Band, she sang a medley of Bo Diddley hits, followed by a couple of undistinguished blues numbers. Offering more personality than musical talent, she warmed the crowd but didn't light any fires.

The Blazers, however, were a different matter.

The East LA outfit played a standard 5-song Barn Dance set that had everybody dancing.


About to release their third album for Rounder, the Blazers played new and old material. I didn't recognize some of the Spanish-language songs, but the last number was a cool cover of the Stones' 1965 composition "Off the Hook."


The excited crowd demanded three encores. The extra songs included "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (my all-time favorite Blazers song), "Tiburón" [shark] and a cover of Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country." "Tiburón" features some of the best double-guitar leads since the Allman Brothers.


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