_ELA logo_ RONNIE MACK'S BARN DANCE 9-23-97 _Music logo_
At Jacks Sugar Shack in Hollywood, California

Farmer Tan 9-14-97
FARMER TAN as seen recently
at Sacred Honk IV (9-14-97)

Roots-rock synthesists Farmer Tan played an excellent set. The tart "Music to Pack By" sounded especially great, as did "Hanging 'round the Airport," that song about lounging in an airport bar.

Singer and main songwriter John Huber, a San Bernardino native, sounds more like he comes from Texas. To these ears his voice sounds a little like Jimmie Dale Gilmour.

Guitar afficiandos were especially impressed with Brian Hall, artfully placing just the right notes at just the right spot with surgical precision.

The encore was a surprisingly triumphant version of Ringo Starr's "Photograph."

Big Jay McNeely played mostly the same songs he played at the 7-1-97 Barn Dance. Highlights included the instrumental "Take the 'A' Train" and the singalong "Big Fat Momma." Again, Harry Orlove was a standout on guitar.

Also scheduled: Russell Scott & Skip Heller, Custom Made Scare


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