Cold Facts (1983)

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1. John Wayne   (2:23)     MP3   lyrics chords
2. Way It Is   (2:17)     MP3   lyrics chords
3. Master of Time and Space   (3:49)     MP3   lyrics chords
4. Husbands   (2:54)     MP3   lyrics chords
5. Reflecting Mask   (2:24)     MP3   lyrics chords
6. Sanity   (4:41)     MP3   lyrics chords
7. Angeline   (2:44)     MP3   lyrics chords
8. Mansworld   (2:13)     MP3   lyrics chords
9. You Need A Villain (solo version)   (3:34)     MP3   lyrics chords
10. John Wayne [live, 4/27/87]   (2:19)     MP3   lyrics chords
11. Comin' Back Home   (4:38)     MP3   lyrics chords
12. Way It Is   [solo demo]   (0:00)     MP3   lyrics chords
13. Millions   (3:40)     MP3   lyrics chords
14. Dusk [instrumental]   (2:48)     MP3  
15. Hurry Up, Liza [live, 5/28/1983]   (3:00)
(based on "Lil' Liza Jane")
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Total time:   46:44


# title musicians / singers
1. John Wayne EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
This song was my reaction to John Wayne's book America: Why I Love Her.
2. Way It Is EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
In Betty Friedan's famous famous book The Feminine Mystique, she talked about "functionalism," the belief that - as I say in chorus of my song - the way it is is how it's meant to be. This philosophy has long been used by social conservatives to keep women in their place, and now it's a common argument against gay marriage.
3. Master of Time and Space EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
4. Husbands EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
5. Reflecting Mask EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
6. Sanity EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
7. Angeline EARL: vocal, guitar, bass, drum machine
"Angeline" had nothing to do with L.A. billboard queen Angelyne, who I'd never heard of until I moved to California seven years later. The original inspiration was Groucho Marx's girlfriend Erin Fleming, who I felt was being unfairly deprived of the money that Groucho left her in his will.
8. Mansworld EARL: vocal, guitar, keyboard bass, drum machine
9. You Need A Villain EARL: vocal, guitar
There was a bar in downtown Baton Rouge called The Industry, where they used to have punk and New Wave bands. I even played there myself a few times. And outside on the sidewalk, there would be these religious nuts waving Bibles at the clientel and warning of eternal damnation. I believe the ringleader was Rev. David Diamond, trying to make a name for himself. (Based on the few results that a Web search turns up, he never succeeded.) Leaders using "enemies" - real or imagined - to advance their own agendas is something that Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn talked about in his books. A more fully produced recording of this song can be found on Holiday On Mars (1987).
10. John Wayne [live] Electric Earl & the Electrons at The Bayou in Baton Rouge, featuring:
    EARL: vocal, guitar
    "JOHNNY" WELLS: lead guitar
    JAMES FOGLE: drums
Band member Meredith Chinn did not play on this song. This is a mono recording from the P.A. mix by Pete Bryan.
11. Comin' Back Home EARL: vocal, guitar
12. Way It Is [solo demo] EARL: vocal, guitar
13. Millions EARL: vocal, guitar
14. Dusk EARL: guitar
15. Hurry Up, Liza EARL: vocal, guitar
This performance was recorded at FestForAll in downtown Baton Rouge.
Engineered and mixed by Electric Earl.
Recording dates: November 10-11, 1983 (track #1-9), 4/27/1987 (track #10), 4/17/1983 (track #11-14), 5/28/1983 (track #15)

The original cassette version of this album had track #1-5 on side one, and #6-9 on side two.

In 1983 I started using the stage name Electric Earl for my live shows. However, I continued to use my full legal on recordings for several more years.

The working title for this album was Hold the Phone, after the catch-phrase made famous by "Amos 'n' Andy." But I dropped that idea because I couldn't find any interesting graphics for that theme. At the time I was reading a lot about Eskimos, and decided to use that visual concept instead, with the double-meaning Cold Facts as the title.

All words and music by Earl P. Reinhalter, except "Hurry Up, Liza" is based on "Lil' Liza Jane."



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