November 2008 Demo

November 2008 Demo

MP3 = MP3 (128 kbps quality)     WMA = Windows Media (96 kbps quality)

1. Invisible Art   [acoustic demo]   (2:43)   MP3 WMA lyrics chords
2. Bygones   [acoustic demo]   (3:26)   MP3 WMA lyrics chords
3. Our Love   [acoustic demo]   (3:45)   MP3 WMA lyrics chords
4. Everybody   [acoustic demo]   (1:47)   MP3 WMA lyrics chords
5. Invisible Art (campfire version)   [acoustic demo]   (2:34)   MP3 WMA lyrics chords

Total time:   14:28

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# title musicians / singers
1. Invisible Art EARL: vocals, guitar
2. Bygones EARL: vocals, guitar, maracas, tambourine
3. Our Love EARL: vocals, guitar
4. Everybody EARL: vocal, guitar
5. Invisible Art (campfire version) EARL: vocals, guitar, tambourine
Engineered and mixed by Electric Earl.
Date of recording: November 22-23, 2008

These were recordings I did so that I could copyright some new material. Sometime in the future I will do more fully produced versions of these songs.

All words and music by Earl P. Reinhalter.



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