Time Bomb Kid (1981)

Time Bomb Kid album cover art

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1. Harvest   (3:01)     MP3   lyrics chords
2. Here We Are   (3:04)     MP3   lyrics chords
3. Johnny's Song   (2:29)     MP3   lyrics chords
4. Deadly Cell   (2:26)     MP3   lyrics chords
5. All I Can Give Is Me   (3:17)     MP3   lyrics chords
6. It's Not Over [early version]   (3:03)     MP3   lyrics chords
7. You Don't Have to Ask   (3:00)     MP3   lyrics chords
8. Appreciate Me   (3:35)     MP3   lyrics chords
9. Wall Sweats   (2:01)     MP3   lyrics chords
10. The Ring   (2:45)     MP3   lyrics chords
11. Oh! Bettye Jean   (2:24)     MP3   lyrics chords
12. Trickle Down   (3:18)     MP3   lyrics chords
13. Smiling At Me   (3:55)     MP3   lyrics chords
14. Two Separate Individuals   (3:43)     MP3   lyrics chords
15. Friends You Used to Know   (2:45)     MP3   lyrics chords

Total time:   45:24


Featuring Electric Earl on vocals and guitar. The guitar and lead vocals were recorded live to 2-track, then bass and harmony vocals were added during transfer to a second tape deck.

Engineered by Electric Earl.

Recording dates: 12/20/1981 (track #1-14), 8/16/1982 (track #15)

The original cassette version of this album had track #1-7 on side one, and #8-14 on side two.

There were two slightly different covers for this album. The version that I gave to friends and relatives for Christmas was printed on blue paper. The post-holiday "production" copies were printed on goldenrod stock (as shown above).

"Johnny's Song" also appeared on my next album, Cargo Cult (1982). Back in the days when I was mostly performing cover material, this was the first original song of mine that audiences really liked. And so I stuck it on the next tape that I was selling to fans at my shows. Johnny was my girlfriend's 5-year-old son. Besides inspiring this song, which was about the time we went flying kites on the LSU parade grounds, a few years later he loaned me the Magnus toy organ that I played on We're Not Strangers (1985). The second verse, which talks about "flying your space machine," refers to a Star Wars toy he had.

"It's Not Over" was later recorded with a new arrangement, and that can also be found on Cargo Cult.

All words and music by Earl P. Reinhalter.



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