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Johnny Hayes K-EARTH 101 FM (PR photo)

Johnny Hayes is a legendary deejay who formerly resided at the microphone at KRTH-FM. A native of Macon, Georgia, Hayes has been a disc jockey at major radio stations around the country since 1961, when he joined powerhouse WAKE in Atlanta. Later gigs in San Francisco and San Diego led to him being hired in 1965 to Los Angeles #1 Top-40 station, KRLA, where he shared the mic with Casey Kasem, Dave Hull, Bob Eubanks, Dick Biondi and Emperor Bob Hudson. Johnny spent the next 25 years at KRLA, where in the late 1970s he voiced the popular "Big 11/10 Countdown Show" that mixed oldies and news stories from 1955 to 1972. It was so named "11/10" countdown because of the station's AM frequency 1110. The show was created and developed by music director Gary Theroux, who'd written and co-produced the 52-hour "History Of Rock 'n' Roll" radio special (update 5/13/03). In the early 1980s Billboard twice named him "Oldies DeeJay of the Year."

In the summer of 2000 he received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the famous Hollywood Wax Museum.

We were proud to have Johnny Hayes officiating at our October 28, 2000, show.

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