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Hollywood Saxons picture sleeve


One of the West Coast's unheralded but outstanding vocal groups was The Hollywood Saxons (original members: lead vocalist Stan Beverly, second tenor Maudice Giles, baritone Joe Louis, baritone/bass Charles Taggart and bass singer Nathan "Buster" Wilson). Though they are best remembered as The Hollywood Saxons (because that was the name under their best known song "Everyday's a Holiday"), they recorded under various other names, usually for producer George Motola's various labels. Though Stan Beverly was the usual lead vocalist, other members were sometimes featured. Since Beverly produced the "Everyday's a Holiday" session, he was able to sell the recording to various labels. The Hareco label's "Everyday Holiday" is the same recording as "Everyday's a Holiday."

The Hollywood Saxons broke up in the 1960s, but Stan Beverly, Joe Louis and Charles Taggart have reunited for Doo-Wop Society shows. Stan and Joe put together a new group for Show #31 (March 4, 2000) as a tribute to deejay Hunter Hancock, who was one of the owners of Swingin' Records.


Our xx+ "Home on the Range"/"Please Be My Love Tonight" 1958
Contender 1313+ "Is It True"/"Rock and Roll Show" 1958
Tampa 139+ "Tryin'"/"My Love Is True" 1958
Tender 518++ "Endless Love"/ (not on other side) 1959
Capitol 4181+++ "Close to You"/"Easy Cash" 1959
Forte 1414* "Yes It's True"/"Trouble Trouble" 1960
Hareco 102+ "Everyday Holiday"/"L.A. Lover" 1960
Swingin' 631 "Everyday's a Holiday"/"L.A. Lover" 1961
Elf 101 "Everyday's a Holiday"/"L.A. Lover" 1962
Elf 103 "It's You"/"I'm Your Man" 1962
20th Century Fox 312 "Everyday's a Holiday"/"L.A. Lover" 1963
Entra 1214 "Diamonds"/"The Tears Come Rolling Down" 1963
Swingin' 651 "It's You"/"I'm Your Man" 1963
Swingin' 654 "Merry Go Round"/"Laughing Girl" 1968
Action Pac 111 "Loving You"/"Laughing Blues" 19__
As by The Saxons; the record on the Our label was never commercially distributed.
As by The Capris
As by The Portraits
As by The Tuxedos
Action Pac 2000 "Everyday's a Holiday" (acappella), "Do It Right the First Time," "Please Be My Love Tonight" and "Hey Girl" (acappella) 19__
Relic 7140 The Golden Era of Doo-Wops: Swingin' Records
(Contains "I'm Your Man," "Everyday's a Holiday," "It's You" and "L.A. Lover")
Famous Groove 971012 The Hollywood Saxons: Everyday's a Holiday
(This bootleg contains most of the singles listed above, plus several sides by The Senders, which contained a couple of Hollywood Saxons.)

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