American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
1980s Arcade Games - Shockwave, Java and DOS video games for your PC, play online for free, includes Frogger, Pac Man, Pong, etc.
Archive of Email Forwards - classic jokes, hoaxes, urban legends, weird facts, etc.
Authentic Happiness - online psychological tests measure your happiness
Awkward Family Photos
banned license plates:
BBC: Also in the news... - unusual news items
Calling All Codfish - a blog featuring postcard-worthy visual puns by photographer Alexandra Loftus
The Capitol Steps - satirical songs you can hear online
ContestHound.com - online contests, games, crosswords, etc.
Contortion Home Page
Coraline's sweater [PDF] - make one yourself with this official pattern!
Craig's List - sarcastic "RE:" responses to unreasonable job ads:
Los Angeles · Baltimore · Detroit · Las Vegas · Minneapolis · Raleigh · Toronto · Vancouver · New York · Chicago · Boston
Crazy Drunk Guy - RealAudio clips of actual phone calls from an anonymous drunk caller
Daisy BB Guns / Daisy Airgun Museum [Rogers, Arkansas]
Engrish.com - real-life English typos from Japan [example: a CD labeled "Eric Crapton"]
Famous Mugshots
F·A·O Schwarz - the famous NYC toy store
FARK.com - strange news articles
farts and farting:
Funny Names
Funology -- The Science of Having Fun!
Furby Autopsy
Google - alternate versions:
Guide to Lock Picking
Handcuffs.Org - "A Collectors Guide to Vintage Handcuffs"
"Happy Face" Crater on Mars
I Do Dog Tricks - a canine version of the classic Subservient Chicken (below)
I Used To Believe - a collection of erroneous childhood beliefs
Instrument Jokes - musical instruments, that is
International Collection of Tongue Twisters - in dozens of languages
Internet Anagram Server - type in your name and get a huge list of anagrams
Joy's Ren and Stimpy WAVs - downloadable sound clips
Keirsey Temperament: An online personality questionnaire - find out if you are an Artisan, a Guardian, an Idealist or just plain Rational
Ken's Virtual Drum Kit - click or mouse-over drums to play
KinderStart - Arts and Entertainment - links to children's games and activities
Laugh.com - comedy CDs and more
MAD magazine
The MegaPenny Project - see what a million (or a billion) pennies looks like
Mortified: Woe and Tell - embarrassing old photos, poems and diaries
Murphy Laws Site - all the laws of Murphy in one place
Museum of Bad Album Covers
National Amusement Park Historical Association - history of amusement parks
NewsMax.com: Liners - aka "Late Night Jokes" [Leno, Letterman, et al.]
The Onion - news satire
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
Ouija board trivia - see: WilliamFuld.com
Outdoor Resources Online - links to sites for fishing, hiking, backpacking, climbing, surfing, skiing
Pauly's Playhouse - online fun for children 3 and up!
PEZ - see: Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia
PhoneSpell.org - What does your phone number spell?
PostSecret.com - anonymous postcards from strangers reveal amazing personal secrets
Quisp - that quazy space alien and his cereal
Real Beer Page: Burps - gas sounds page
Reverse Speech Home Page - hidden messages found in famous sound bites played backwards (hear for yourself with RealAudio)
Rock Paper Scissors - see: World RPS Society
Shakespearean Insulter
Silly Putty
Smoke On the Water performed by a Japanese orchestra and chorus (video)
Some Really Weird History Photos
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches - famous site, an Internet classic!
Streetplay.com - stickball, curb ball, hopscotch, etc.
Subservient Chicken - tell the chicken what to do, and it obeys!
Sword Swallowing To the Hilt
Theme Park Insider
Toaster Museum
Today's Pun
Toothpasteworld - World's Largest Toothpaste Collection
TPiX Picture Technology - page uses your own monitor to take your picture!
The Twinkies Project
UglyDress.com - Archive of the World's Ugliest Bridesmaids' Dresses
The Unh! Project - a collection of guttural moans from comics
Wacky Uses - strange things you can do with common household products
What Bart Writes On the Blackboard (The Simpsons)
World Beard and Moustache Championships
Worst-Case Scenarios
Yahoo! Games Directory
Yahoo! News - Oddly Enough - strange news stories



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