Abortion Clinics OnLine
Age of Consent - a comprehensive chart, though some entries may be out of date
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)
Ashley Madison Agency - married dating and affairs
baby names:
Book 22 - "intimacy products" for Christians (no objectionable packaging)
California Megan's Law - sex offender locations
CousinCouples.com - support for kissing cousins
Dateline NBC:
Dear Mrs. Web Personal Advice Column - she responds by e-mail, archives the best letters on the site
Dick In A Box - Justin Timberlake's "Saturday Night Live" song, plus parodies
Divorce As Friends
Divorce Helpline
Divorce Magazine
DontDateHimGirl.com - how to avoid dating losers and being stuck in bad relationships
eHarmony.com - online matchmaking service
The Erotic Museum
Flash Mountain - flashing at Disneyland's Splash Mountain and other public places
Frederick's of Hollywood
Fucking, Austria - a small village in Upper Austria [Wikipedia article]
GayWeddings.com - a how-to guide
George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words - transcript of famous comedy routine
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel... - parody of pickup lines from The Onion
I hate dating... - commentary written on a postcard sent to PostSecret.com
Inflatable Church - Now you can get married wherever you want!
Japanese arm pillow [Google image search]
Japanese lap pillow [Google image search]
Joe Is My Interactive Bra - archive.org copy of defunct site, a Web classic
John TV (Oklahoma) - video clips of prostitutes and their red-faced customers
Jump The Shark: "They Did It" - when TV characters have sex
The L Word - official Showtime site
Las Vegas weddings - see: Clark County Clerk: Marriage Licenses
Little SEXY Black Book - This Los Angeles adult entertainment guide from LA Weekly includes guides to finding the perfect sex toy, secrets to a sexy massage, and striptease.
Los Angeles STD Testing
The Love Calculator - plug in two names and this page will "calculate" (using numerology) your chances of a love connection
Love-Sessions.com - relationship advice, online dating
Loving More - magazine about having multiple partners
lovingyou.com - Love, Romance, and Relationships - includes poems, stories, advice, etc.
Maidenform - Bras & Intimate Apparel Online
MarsVenus.com - official site of Dr. John Gray
match.com - online matchmaking service
MilitarySingles.com - free military personals
Mr. Skin - The Internet's Celebrity Nude Movie Reviews
Walter Mosley essay: "Lessons from Losing Friends" [NPR, 8/3/2004]
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
(includes famous art photo Judy Chicago's Red Flag)
NakedNews.com - "The Program With Nothing To Hide"
NARAL Pro-Choice America
National Go Topless Protest Day - men can go topless, some women want that right too
National Sex Offender Public Registry - searchable by name or location
OnlineDatingSchool.com - free dating/flirting tips
Bill O'Reilly Sexual Harrassment Suit - complete text of the legal complaint
Out Of The Past: 400 Years of Lesbian and Gay History in America [PBS]
Bettie Page:
Panties Club
Panty-of-the-Month (panties.com)
Parents Without Partners
The Pin-up Page - 1940's and 50's pinup girls, including Vargas, Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page
polyamory - see: Loving More
PornStarJobs.com - helps adult models get more exposure in the adult industry for free
Positive Personals - free personals site for HIV+ people
PozMatch.com - meeting place for HIV+ singles
Elizabeth Ray admits she can't type (Washington Post, May 23, 1976)
RetroRaunch.com - vintage erotica, pinups, Bettie Page, French postcards
Retrouvaille.org - for help with healing a damaged marriage
Savage Love - love/sex advice column by Dan Savage, with downloadable podcasts
Dr. Laura Schlessinger - see: Dr. Laura Nude! Dr. Laura Nude!
sex addiction:
SexyJobs.com - nude modeling jobs, phone sex jobs, etc.
Single Gourmet - L.A. and O.C. singles dining club ("Come for the food... Leave with new friends")
Softcup - an alternative to tampons
Sonja's Compatibility Questions - see if you and your partner agree on where the relationship is headed
Starr Report: Sexual Contacts (CNN) - Bill and Monica and the cigar
Straight Spouse Network - advice for anyone whose spouse turns out to be gay
Suzi's Loveseat (ThirdAge.com) - helps seniors explore their sex lives
Syren Latex
Talk Sex with Sue Johanson:
Teen Talk - sexuality and relationship information from Planned Parenthood
Tell Me About It:
True.com - online matchmaking service with background checks
Valentine's Day Crushes e-cards - free from 123Greetings.com
Mamie Van Doren [official site]
Viagra.com - official Pfizer site
Victoria's Secret
Way Too Personal - Adventures In Internet Dating
World Modeling Talent Agency
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Relationships:Dating
Yahoo - Society and Culture:Relationships:Romance


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