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American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) - listen online

Asian / Asian American Music Reviews

avant garde - see:   A Popular Guide to Unpopular Music

Brazilian music - see: Bahia-Online: The Online Guide to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Broadway Musicals:
caberet - see: City Caberet

Cajun - see: Louisiana music [below]

Celtic & Irish:
Christmas music - see: Silent Night Web

Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders - audio clips you can hear online

8-Track Heaven

female artists:

film music:
India - see: Showbiz India Television Network - includes news about Bollywood

Irish - see: Celtic & Irish [above]

Japanese - see: Taiko Center of Los Angeles - classes and workshops in Japanese drumming, local performance schedule

Latin (Spanish-language):
Louisiana music:
Norwegian Music Information Centre

Polka - see: 247PolkaHeaven.com - Webcasting polka music 24 hours a day

Rap Dictionary

Rock - general:
Rock - early years:
Rock - rockabilly and roots rock:
Rock - 1960s and 1970s:
Rock - heavy metal:
Rock - punk, New Wave, garage and alt. rock:
Silent Night Web - "Silent Night" in over 140 languages

Songs for Scouts and Scouters - classic campfire songs

soundtracks - see: film music or Broadway Musicals [above]

Spanish - see: Latin (Spanish-language) [above]

swing - see: Total Swing Online

Vaudeville - see: Broadway Musicals [above]

Worldwide Internet Music Resources: Genres and Types of Music

Zydeco - see: Louisiana music [above]


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