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ALSO:   VLC (Windows) / VLS (Mac) - an open source media player
Boxee [official site] / Boxee [Wikipedia article]


Each of these sites features dozens of channels:

1.fm - dozens of streaming music channels, choice of 4 download speeds
181.fm - large selection of streaming music channels, including 18 channels of Christmas music
1club.fm - lots of streaming music channels
977 Music - multiple channels of streaming music
AccuRadio - many genres of streaming music, including excellent selection of indie rock and alt. country channels
All Danz Radio - lots of streaming music channels
AOL Radio - free Internet radio stations via Slacker
BostonPete.com Radio Network - 23 channels of vintage music
Chevron Radio - hits from 1960 to present, grouped by year
Digitally Imported (DI.fm) - electronic and dance music radio 24/7
GotRadio - lots of streaming music channels
JazzRadio.com - dozens of channels of every kind of jazz
LAUNCH.com - see: Yahoo! Music
Ministry of Sound - streaming dance music and on-demand shows
SIRIUS/XM [$12.95/month]
SKY.FM Radio - free and premium streaming music channels
Soma FM - 20 channels of streaming Internet radio
XM - see: Sirius/XM [$12.95/month]
Yahoo! Music - formerly Launch.com


Pandora.com - online radio station creates custom playlists based on your favorite songs


ABBA - see: 101.ru: ABBA - Moscow, Russia
Boney M. - see: 101.ru: Boney M. - Moscow, Russia
Deep Purple - see: 101.ru: Deep Purple - Moscow, Russia
Dépêche Mode - see: 101.ru: Dépêche Mode - Moscow, Russia
Dylan Radio - all Bob Dylan all the time
ELECTRIC EARL: Discography - More than 200 songs by Electric Earl!
Glee - see: AccuRadio: Gleekast - featuring songs from "Glee" and original versions
Michael Jackson - see: 101.ru: Michael Jackson - Moscow, Russia
Elton John - see: 101.ru: Elton John - Moscow, Russia
Madonna - see: 101.ru: Madonna - Moscow, Russia
Tim McGraw - see: Sirius/XM: Tim McGraw Radio [paid subscription]
Roger McGuinn's Folk Den - folksongs via RealAudio
Metallica - see: 101.ru: Metallica - Moscow, Russia
Pearl Jam - see: Sirius/XM: Pearl Jam Radio [paid subscription]
Pink Floyd - see: 101.ru: Pink Floyd - Moscow, Russia
Elvis Presley:
Queen - see: 101.ru: Queen - Moscow, Russia
Rolling Stones:
Scorpions - see: 101.ru: Scorpions - Moscow, Russia
Simon & Garfunkel - see: Sirius/XM: Simon & Garfunkel Radio [paid subscription]
U2 - see: 101.ru: U2 - Moscow, Russia
Robbie Williams - see: 101.ru: Robbie Williams


TuneIn Radio - links for over 50,000 radio stations that stream online; includes smart phone apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.
Broadcast Live - Radio and Television from Around the World - direct links to audio and video
Classical Live Online Radio - links to classical radio stations with streaming audio
Live365 - links to thousands of free online radio stations
OmniInternet: Worldwide Online Radio Stations - big list of links
OperaCast - links to opera broadcasts on the Internet
Radio-Locator - formerly The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
Real Radio Guide - Online Radio Directory
RadioTuna - search engine for Internet radio; search by station name, genre or music artist


100 XR - online alt. rock radio station
247PolkaHeaven.com - polka music 24 hours a day
3WK Underground Radio
Absolute Radio [formerly Virgin Radio]
All Songs Considered - music featured on the NPR news program "All Things Considered"
America's Greatest 20th Century Music [The NPR 100] - hear each 9-13 minute chapter via RealAudio
America's Story from America's Library - See, Hear and Sing [Library of Congress]
American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS) - Native American programming via RealAudio
American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920 [Library of Congress] - RealAudio clips from early 78s
Austin City Limits - PBS Video - watch shows online
Batanga - Internet radio featuring Latin music of all kinds, via RealPlayer or Windows Media Player
  • Radio 1 - best new music
  • Radio 2 - music and entertainment
  • Radio 3 - classical, jazz, world music
  • Radio 6 - pop music, including archived documentaries
Blinkx - video search engine
British Library: Archival Sound Recordings
California Gold: Northern California Folk Music From the Thirties [Library of Congress] - big collection of RealAudio and .WAV files
Cat's Meow - live RealVideo from a karaoke bar on Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Classical Music Archives (formerly Classical MIDI Archives) - thousands of files in several formats
Concert Vault [Wolfgang's Vault] - vintage concerts from the Fillmore
Cylinders of the Month Archive - dozens of RealAudio clips
Deezer - free music without download
Dr. Demento - hear old shows for small fee
eclassical.com - "The World's Largest MP3 Classical Music Shop"
Eighteen Streaming Music Resources - 2009 article, with links
FindSounds.com - search engine for finding sound effects and musical instrument samples
Flamenco-World.com - free MP3 and RealAudio downloads
Free Music Archive
HardRadio - "Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Radio - Video - News"
Hulu.com - Music Channel
Hunch: music - search engine recommends most popular videos to watch
Imeem (MySpace)
The Internet Museum of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Records - listen via RealAudio
Iridian Radio - online radio station devoted to new composers
Israeli Music Online Listening Room - hear "The Israel Hour" music show via RealAudio
KNAC.COM - hard rock and heavy metal from L.A.'s former KNAC-FM
KRVS-FM (88.7) - Cajun music from Lafayette, Louisiana
Library of Congress - see: National Jukebox
Magnatune - specializing in classical and New Age music
MP3tunes Music Locker [Oboe Locker] - online service that lets you back up and access your MP3 files from any computer
Music Of Your Life - big bands, vocalists; must register to listen live
NPR Music
Oboe Locker - see: MP3tunes Music Locker
National Jukebox - thousands of historical recordings from the Library of Congress
podcast directories:
Rhapsody In Black - weekly R&B radio show from KPFK-FM (Wednesday nights, 10:30pm-midnight Pacific Time)
Shoutcast - free Internet radio
Slacker Personal Radio - listen to free Internet radio stations
Spotify - streaming music service originally from Europe, now available in U.S.
SteelRadio.com - online radio station devoted to steel guitar music
Truveo - video search engine
TubeSurf Video Search - find videos on YouTube, MySpace, Google, and Yahoo
UBU Web - avant garde music
Virgin Radio [U.K.] - see: Absolute Radio
WKSU Folk Music - live and archived programs
Wolfgang's Vault [Concert Vault] - vintage concerts from the Fillmore
WUMB-FM (91.9) - "Boston Folk Music Radio"
YouTube: Music - music videos

D.I.Y. TOOLS (encoders, how-to guides)

FreeRIP - MP3 encoder
How To Add Captions to Your YouTube Videos
How to Crossfade Songs in iTunes: Remove Gaps Between Songs
Quicktime - download the "pro" version to make your own QT files
RealNetworks: Download Free RealProducer
Upload your videos to multiple video sharing Websites at once
Windows Media Encoder
Start to Finish Guide to Whipping Your Music's Metadata into Shape - how to add and revise tags for your song files

(Includes links to sound editing software, MIDI sites, etc.)


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