NOTE: Many stores are switching to mail order only. Some have
stopped selling CDs entirely and are offering downloads instead.

Amazon.com - Music
Amoeba Music - Hollywood, San Francisco, Berkeley
Benway Records / Penny Lane Records [MySpace page] - Pasadena, California
CDbaby - featuring releases by independent artists
CD Connection
CD Express (Rockhouse Records) - huge mail order outlet in Holland
CDnow (via Amazon.com)
CD Roots - specializing in world music
eBay: Music
E Music
Global Electronic Music Marketplace (GEMM) - an index site for music buying, catalogs other retailers as well as smaller outlets and individual collectors
Harmony Ridge Music - specializing in female singer/songwriters
House of Records - "Los Angeles' oldest record store - established 1952"
Krause Publications: Records - music/record books (mostly price guides)
IrishCountryMusic.com - "the home of Irish country music"
Koothoomi Records - UK vinyl record store and label
MusicFan: Enhanced CD Database
Music Obsession
Penny Lane Records (Kelly Benway) [MySpace page] - Pasadena, California
RecordStoreReview.com - listings and reviews for over 300 cities worldwide
Red Stream - death metal, ambient, industrial, etc.
Rockaway Records - Los Angeles, California
Rockhouse Music Mailorder Holland - see: CD Express
Songsearch Virtual Music Store - includes lots of imports
Tower Records
The Vinyl Frontier - music collectibles shop in Burbank, California
WherehouseMusic - buy, sell, and trade new or used CDs, DVDs, games
World Wide Music
Yahoo! Music


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