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November 12, 2000
My new Earl's Monster Color Chart has swatches and hexadecimal values for over 4,000 colors!   I was forced to make this chart because of the severe limitations of the more common 216-color charts.   If you're a Web designer, you've got to see this.   (It's a 391KB file, so if you have a slow connection please give it a few minutes to finish downloading.)

August 8, 2000
New JACKS SUGAR SHACK "Wall of Fame" Photo Archive page. From October 1998 until May 2000, I was Webmaster for the JACKS SUGAR SHACK site. One thing I did when I took over the site was to encourage club owner Eddy Jennings to let me scan some of the wonderful photos that lined the walls of the club. Now that Jacks has closed, I am preserving the JSS photo page on my own site, as a souvenir for all who remember, and for those who wish they had been there.

July 27, 2000
The hit counter on my homepage passed the 400,000 mark today.

July 25, 2000
Revised Judy Toy page includes new concert dates.

April 5, 2000
The Doo-Wop Society site has a new page concerning last month's Hunter Hancock tribute show. It was Hunter Hancock who first played R&B for white audiences in East L.A., long before Alan Freed was doing it in Cleveland.

April 4, 2000
Twelve new songs have been added to the Earl's Jukebox page!

March 26, 2000
Revised Barn Dance page and new Barn Dance schedule flyer.
Another RealAudio clip added to The NORMALS page.
RealAudio of a new song added to the RAY CAMPI page.

March 20, 2000
Today the hit counter on my homepage passed the 333,333 mark! (That's a third of a million hits.)

March 5, 2000
My new OFRA HAZA: 1957-2000 tribute page includes photos of me and Ofra in 1993 and links to some of the more informative Ofra Haza pages.

January 20, 2000
New page for The NORMALS, one of the original American punk rock bands, from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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