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Electric Earl, Ofra Haza, Bezalel Aloni

On Sunday afternoon, February 7, 1993, Ofra Haza appeared at the studios of radio station KCRW-FM in Santa Monica (Los Angeles) for an interview.   Having been nominated for a Grammy Award for her KIRYA CD, the interview was a way to expose the Grammy voters to her music and also promote sales of the CD.

Bezalel Aloni is the unsung hero in the career of Ofra Haza.   If Ofra Haza was the Beatles of Israeli pop music, he was Brian Epstein and George Martin.   He discovered her at the tender age of 12, and went on to manage her career, produce most of her recordings, and he co-wrote many of her greatest songs.   It was for that reason that I wanted him to be in the picture with me and Ofra.


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