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Parkersburg's current Tudor-style high school, then called Central Junior Senior High, was built in 1917 on its own 27-acre campus at Dudley Avenue between 20th and 23rd Streets. The building opened its doors in the fall of 1918 (when this picture was taken). The land was originally swamp.   An original architect's drawing envisioned the school on a street corner.

  The rear of the high school in 1918.

The high school and stadium in 1926.   Looking north at the stadium in 1926.

The right photo above of the stadium was used for this hand-painted postcard; it was postmarked 1929.

The high school in 1926. (Photo by Davies. Courtesy of Dan Kemper.)

The wings were added in 1927.  

The high school in 1930.

Bird's-eye view of Parkersburg High School
and stadium in 1926.
  Looking west over the campus in 1955.

Construction begins for the PHS Field House in early 1950 (left); by October it was already taking shape (right).

This 1917 photo shows the school in a very early stage of construction.

Parkersburg High School students pose for the annual "Freak Day" in 1921-22 in front of the school. In the background
are the houses on Dudley Avenue between Twenty-first and Twenty-third streets. (Photo courtesy of Ed Roth.)

Original High School Floor Plan:
1st Floor
  Floor Plan: 2nd Floor   Floor Plan: 3rd Floor

A Big Reds football game before 1931.

The Parkersburg Big Red Band, led by George Dietz, circa 1941.

  A Parkersburg Big Reds
vest from 1934-35.

(Courtesy of Alice Lilly)


Parkersburg High School - 1924 Yearbook


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