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Here are some photos which have not yet been incorporated into the main site.

The Chancellor Hotel in the 1950s.

Acropolis Motel & Restaurant, 1954 East 7th Street   (c. 1960s postcard)





This letter was sent from Parkersburg, Virginia, dated June 27, 1863, even though
President Lincoln had signed West Virginia into statehood eight days earlier.


Looking northeast toward the former home of Charles E. Van Devender at 1517 23rd
Street, in 1945. Henry Ruf, who lived at 1500 23rd, is in the foreground. Van Devender,
the president of Parkersburg's Independent School District, was responsible for building
Parkersburg High School in 1917. A junior high school was later named for him.



Parkersburg Fire Station No. 5 at 2715 Blizzard Drive in South Side, in 1952.


1809 19th Street in 1909.


This fire station (seen here in 1950) stood at the
southeast corner of Lynn Street and Wood Street.






Nathan's, owned by Benjamin Nathan, called itself the "Largest Clothing
and Shoe Store in the state." Nathan's was located at 225 Ann Street.
Seen here in 1907, the store burned down during the 1913 flood.


Parkersburg Boy Scout Troop 1, taken around 1917. According to Tim Archer,
whose father is in this picture, the scout master was "Doc" Lang, the
mustachioed fellow in the second row. (Photo courtesy of John Dana)



O.J. Stout & Company on Market Street, circa 1925.


This 1940s parking lot was located on Eighth Street, behind the Carnegie Library.
In the background are Washington Junior High (left) and the YWCA.
(Photo courtesy of Artcraft Studio, 519-521 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101; (304) 485-5771.)


Oesterle and Mullen Dodge & Plymouth was located at 409 Eighth Street, just east of Avery.



Photo by John G. Dana.


The Daily State Journal was located in the 300 block of Juliana Street, though it
appears that there's a hill behind the building that never existed on either
side of Juliana in that block. One of the gentlemen standing in front is
Governor A.B. White. The photo was taken September 15, 1885.


This is either the Johnson Brothers Billiards at 415 Sixth Street (across from the railroad
station) in the late 1920s or Johnson Billiard Parlor at 502 Market Street in the early 1930s.
J. Raymond Johnson was one of the proprietors of both establishments. At the time, there
were seven billiard parlors in Parkersburg. (Photo courtesy of Amy Johnson.)


PHS bandleader George J. Dietz greets jazz great Louis Armstrong during
his visit to Parkersburg for a gig at the Coliseum on Seventh Street.



A letter from Parkersburg (then Virginia) on February 13, 1863, four months before
President Abraham Lincoln signed the State of West Virginia into being.


Looking west from the top of Quincy Hill in February 1952.
Tenth Street runs along the right side of the photo.


In this March 22, 1953 telephoto shot from South Parkersburg, the Belpre Bridge
and the Wood County Courthouse are on the left and St. Xavier is on the right.

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