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These photos were all taken in the early 1950s on Quincy Street. Photo #1 at the top shows Jim and Carol Lynn Dawson in front of their house at 1219 Quincy, which was torn down in late 1955. Photos #2--4 are looking toward Twelfth Street from the middle of the block, showing Jim, Bob and Dickie Dawson on the sidewalk in front of their house and the big maple tree at the alley, which was cut down only four or five years ago. Photo #5 is looking toward Thirteenth Street, showing the corner house on the left that's still standing. Photo #6 shows several houses on the east side of the street that were torn down in the 1960s to make way for the Greenbrier Apartments.
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Photo #7, with Jim clutching his bunny (a habit he never broke), looks west down the alley toward Avery Street between Twelfth and Thirteenth, showing a garage on the right that's still standing. Photo #8 in the alley looks the opposite way, toward Quincy in 1951, showing houses that were replaced by the Greenbrier sixteen years later. Carol Lynn is sitting on the Dawsons' Crosley; the house on the left of the alley is 1219 Quincy. After the house was torn down, the lot was fenced in for the next forty years. Several years ago it was graded for a parking area behind the house at 436 Thirteenth St.   Photo #9: Looking toward Quincy Hill from Thirteenth Street during the big snow of 1950.

Looking up Quincy Hill at Twelfth Street, 1953.

Looking toward Quincy Hill on the east side of the street, in 1953. These houses were razed in the 1960s.   Looking west down the alley from Quincy Street in 1953. The garage in the middle of the photo belonged to the Savage house (now the Avery-Savage house).   Opposite view: Looking east toward Quincy. The building in the background is the tail end of St. Raphael's Convent (see Parkersburg City Hospital).

Looking toward Quincy Hill in the 1940s.   Bill and
Kenny Fought work on a car in front of their house.
Photo courtesy of Jim "Red" Wilson.


Jimmy Wilson stands in the middle of Quincy around 1943. Behind him is the alley leading down to Avery Street, a shed in the back yard of the Reed family, the house at 1219 Quincy, and the prominent maple tree that stood on that spot until the late 1990s.

Photo courtesy of Shirley Wilson Smith.

Gibby, Susie and Judy Reed stand in their backyard in the early 1940s. Behind them and their family shed are the house and maple tree at 1219 Quincy, and several houses on the east side of the street that were replaced by the Greenbrier Apartments two decades later. The Reed property is now an apartment complex.

Photo courtesy of Susie Reed Pinkerton.

Looking toward the rear of 436 Thirteenth Street in the early 1950s. That hoop was attached to the telephone pole for many years and the bricks of Quincy Street were the neighborhood basketball court.

Photo courtesy of Shirley Wilson Smith.

Jim Dawson and Shirley Wilson in Jim's front yard. with Thirteenth Street behind them.

The following people lived near the bottom of Quincy Street in 1951.

1105½ Quincy Gerald Martin
1108 Quincy St. Gabriel's House for Aged Ladies
1112-14 Quincy St. Raphael's Convent (music department)
1200 Quincy Austin M. Fleming (since 1921)
1202 Quincy Walter Brown
1206 Quincy Hattie Roberts* (since 1942)
1210 Quincy Alberta Fought* (since 1937)
1214 Quincy Audra McCullough* (since 1938)
1218 Quincy Gilbert Wilson (since 1942)
1219 Quincy John Dawson (since 1944)
1220 Quincy Rettie Meek*
1222 Quincy Lucille Shriner
1224 Quincy John Ward

In 1914 there were only three houses on the 1200 block.

1206 Quincy Andrew Carnes, club steward
1214 Quincy Morris Ziebelman, rabbi at B'Nai Israel
Congregation at 1300 Market Street
1219 Quincy Elizabeth Hinckley, teacher at Franklin
Grade School at Eighth and Juliana.



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