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The Savage Flats at the northeast corner of Thirteenth and Avery were built in
1903 by Thomas Savage, who lived across the street at 420 Thirteenth.

Knights of Columbus parade down Thirteenth Street, past Avery, probably in the first decade of the 20th century.
(Courtesy of Thomas Burke.)

The Thirteenth Street School, seen here circa 1907, sat on the southeast
corner of Thirteenth & Avery. It was turned into a book repository
in the late 1940s and torn down in the 1960s.

Looking south on the west side of Avery from 13th Street in what might be 1950. The corner store was Chapman's Grocery.
(Photo courtesy of Terri Leon Miller)

Cavalry Baptist Church at Thirteenth and Avery. The building on the left (southwest corner) was a grocery store and upstairs
apartments building built, by Thomas Savage, from the same yellow bricks as the Savage Apartments on the northeast corner.

The Calvary Baptist Church, seen here around 1907, sat on the northwest
corner of Thirteenth & Avery Streets, across the street from the Savage
Apartments and cattycorner from the Thirteenth Street School.

The Colonial Apartments stood at roughly 410 Thirteenth Street. They were torn down in the 1980s or '90s.
(Photo by Dave Ferrell, courtesy of Dan Kemper)

The Thomas Savage house at 420 Thirteenth, between Avery and Quincy, in 1897.
Savage built the Savage Apartments across the street.
This house was a bed & breakfast until early 2003.
Photo courtesy of Dan Kemper.

Oil producer Dennis O'Brien and his wife Anna lived at this house at 426 Thirteenth
(seen here in 1897), next to the Savage house. After Anna O'Brien's death in 1959,
her son, George Stevenson, continued to live here for many years.
Photo courtesy of Dan Kemper.

The O'Brien-Stevenson house around 1950.

Looking up Thirteenth Street around 1965. Quincy Street, still brick, is on the right (see 1200 block of Quincy Street).
Beyond it, the former hospital/convent (see below) has been torn down and construction is beginning on the Greenbrier
Apartments. St. Mary's Avenue begins just above the white building on the left (see St. Mary's Avenue).
(Photo by Harry Barnett, courtesy of Dan Kemer)

The Parkersburg City Hospital (seen here around 1906) was located at 508 Thirteenth
Street, opposite St. Mary's Avenue. The building later became the St. Raphael's
Convent for the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus. It was torn down to make way
for the Greenbrier Apartments in the late 1960s.

Reverend J. W. Francis, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at Tenth & Market, lived
in this home at 608 Thirteenth Street in the very early 1900s. (Courtesy of Jeremy Bungard)

At the turn of the 20th century, real estate man J. H. Grogg lived at 1300 Juliana Street,
on the northeast corner of Thirteenth. (Courtesy of Jeremy Bungard)


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