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Looking northeast on Twelfth Street toward Quincy during the big snow
of 1950. From left to right are Myrlin, Janice, and Karen Meves.

Evelyn Dawson stands next to Bud's Market in the early
1950s, with Twelfth Street behind her.


Bud's Grocery was located on the northeast corner of Twelfth and Avery in the 1940s. It later became Jacob's Grocery and then Syock's. The store was torn down in the 1960s.

Photo courtesy of Jean Calebaugh.

"I spent a nickel at Bud's most every day after school [at Sumner], which I saved out of my 15 lunch money. He kept dill pickles in a barrel and we would each buy one...or if money was light we'd break pickles in half. We'd then eat them on the way home [on East Twelfth Street]. If you planned your bites well, it would last all the way home. Later, when I began to smoke, we'd buy a cigarette for a penny. From time to time during the war, the word would go out that Bud's was going to receive X number of 5 lb. bags of sugar....one bag to a customer. Mother would give each of us our ration books and fifty cents. We would then go down early and stand in line to buy the sugar."

--Gloria Powell Stanford

433 Twelfth Street in the early 1950s.

Emily Lou Leeton's sixth birthday party at 433 Twelfth Street with the Meves girls
(Karen, Myrlin and Janice), Shirley Wilson, and an unknown neighborhood girl.


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