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(Courtesy of Artcraft Studio, 519-521 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101; 304-485-5771)

Looking down Market near the corner of Ninth-and-a-Half Street in the 1930s (above) and
1940s. The Pure Oil Station is now the Bango Appraisal Service run by Jon and Mary Bango.

Looking north on Market at Tenth Street. The Oppenheimer
house at 945 Market (see below) is on the left.

945 Market Street

Apartments at 1015 Market Street, in 1907.

Looking north toward St. Paul's Methodist at Eleventh Street. This is the
same photo as above, but an automobile has been added to update it.

The First Presbyterian Church on the corner of
Tenth and Market at the turn of the century.

The Dils residence at 963 Market Street, on the southwest corner of Tenth Street.

This pre-1911 photo is looking north on Market at Tenth Street. Henry Dils' house is just out of frame
on the left. The house across Tenth was torn down and replaced with the Virginia Apartment.

The Virginia Apartments on the northwest corner of Tenth Street.

Looking toward Eleventh Street around 1905.

South Methodist Church, later renamed St. Paul's Methodist, stands
on the northwest corner of Eleventh and Market, circa 1907.

A small office building at 1100 Market Street, with
Eleventh Street going east toward Avery on the right.

Parkersburg firemen fight a fire on April 24, 2009, on the west side of the 1200 block of Market Street.
The building on the right (see below) was at the corner of Thirteenth Street. You can see these
buildings 60 years earlier from a different direction, farther below.
(Photo by Dave Ferrell, courtesy of Dan Kemper.)

In this late 1940s photo looking southward toward Thirteenth Street, Norman Hemenway and his
mother, Mildred Hemenway, walk across Market Street. Norman was a broadcast announcer at
WPAR known as Hal Norman, the Man on the Street. The store on the corner later became
the Sly Fox bar. The building burned down in 2009. (Photo courtesy of Reverend Rod Blanchard.)

  Norman Hemenway stands in the doorway of his mother's shop, Mildred Yard Goods Shop, on the northeast corner of Thirteenth Street (the Market Street side). The building was later torn down.

(Photo courtesy of Pastor Rod Blanchard.)

Looking up Market north of Thirteenth Street.

A child sits in front of 1309 Market Street sometime after 1910.
(Courtesy of Tom Hyatt.)

Car dealer J. Vincent Mullen and two other men stand outside his house at 1602 Market in 1930.
(Courtesy of Mullen Motors / Betty Leavengood.)


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