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Sacred Grounds storefront

Sacred Honk IV was held at the Sacred Grounds coffeehouse in San Pedro on September 14, 1997. The daylong event was organized by Sylvia Flowers. Melba Toast was the emcee.

Sylvia Flowers Melba Toast
Sylvia Flowers Melba Toast

THE PERFORMERS (in order of appearance)

Losin' Brothers Schiada
Losin' Brothers Schiada

Farmer Tan Dan Janisch
Farmer Tan Dan Janisch (solo)

Larry Dean $1,000 Wedding
Larry Dean $1,000 Wedding
(with Rick Shea on peddle steel)

Kevin Banford Rick Shea
Kevin Banford
Rick Shea

Brantley Kearns Patty Booker
Brantley Kearns
(with Rick Shea)
Patty Booker

Cisco Bum Steers
Cisco Bum Steers

Rosemary Carr Robin P. and Mary S.
Rosemary Carr Robin Pearl (left) & Mare Lennon
(formerly Mary Steiger)

Lonesome Strangers Radio Ranch Straight Shooters
Lonesome Strangers
(minus drums)
Radio Ranch Straight Shooters

DJ Jim
DJ Jim spinning 45's
(and 78's!) between acts


Flyer #1 Flyer #2 Schedule
Flyer #1 Flyer #2 Schedule

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