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I need your help. On the 22nd of Feb. I stored all of my instruments at E-Z Storage in Chatsworth. I left on a business trip a couple of days later. I returned 2 days ago, and today went to the storage room. Someone had picked the lock and every one of my instruments, EFX, recording gear, PA system and stereo system has been stolen. This was an accumulation of 30 years of working, collecting, playing and loving each one. To say I'm devastated, would minimize how I feel. I have lost everything. I've made a police report, but you know how that can go. Would you be so kind as to post a note, or send a message to our constituents. Many of our mutual friends would recognize some of my instruments, specially my '73 Telcaster Deluxe with the 3 pickups and the palm pedals on the 'G' & 'B' strings. Anything you might do would be much appreciated. I am attaching a list of the stolen items. Thanks for your help.

- Dave Loe (sngwrtr1@sbcglobal.net)


1 1973 Fender Telecaster, blonde/w 3 pickups and 2 palm pedals
serial #3443163 (engraved on gold neck-heel plate)

1 1989 Epiphone ES335 electric guitar
serial #894905 (sticker on back of headstock)

1 hand made Stratocaster copy, walnut body, rosewood neck, gold hardware
no serial #

1 1993 Epiphone acoustic guitar, model # PR355CH spruce top, cherry sides
serial # 0120023

1 Guild acoustic guitar, model B35, sticker inside ripped, palomino horses head painted on front

1 1974 Music Man electric bass guitar, black w/ chrome hardware
serial # C001419

1 1975 Fender Precision bass guitar w/ chrome hardware
patent #s (on headstock)2,573,254 2,968,204 3,143,028 2,976,755

1 Epiphone El Capitan acoustic bass guitar, vintage sunburst
serial # S94040004

1 Takamine acoustic guitar, black w/ chrome hardware
serial # 99090578

1 Brownsville 12 string guitar, black w/ chrome hardware
serial # unknown

1 Shadow electric guitar, brown w/ chrome hardware
serial # 5143

2 Jasmine (Takamine) S31C acoustic/electric guitars. Black, single cutaway
serial # unknown

1 Applause (Ovation) AE8 acoustic/elecrtic guitar, blonde face, cutaway
serial # unknown

1 Hamer Stratocaster copy; black/w white pickguard
serial # unknown

1 Lyons (Washburn) XT-20 Hardrock guitar, red
serial # unknown

1 Washburn XB 100 bass guitar, Natural Maple
serial # unknown


1 full sized viola made by Christopher Slebos w/ bow

4 Stradavarius-copy violins, one with bridge pick up, three without, 1 bow each

1 Gypsy violin w/ rounded sides and scroll 1 bow (very unique. No angular surfaces)


1 Orlando banjo, 5-string w/ resonater and chrome hardware
serial # X9312 2415 (on back of headstock)

1 Fender mandolin, vintage sunburst w/ chrome hardware and pickup
serial # KK99100367

1 mountain dulcimer; in case, blonde no-name w/ pickup

1 Roland S10 Sampler keyboard


1 Peavey Classic 30 amp, tweed
serial # 1028???17 (partially obscured)

1 Marshall 40 watt ValveState amp, black
serial # 945781625

1 Fender Pro 185 amp 1990 model, black face
serial # unknown

1 Roland VGA5 modelling amp.

1 Peavey MR600B mixer amp, 6 channels
no serial #

1 Peavey 300CH monitor amp, dual input/output
no serial #

2 Yamaha PA speakers, w/ woofers, horns and tweeters

4 Peavey floor monitors w/ 12” speakers and tweeters

1 Anvil effects-rack case w/ Furman Reverb unit and Ibanez digital delay

1 SKB Pedalbord w/ 8 fx pedals

1 Roland stereo rack mounted digital delay

3 “valet-type” handled bags w/ mics, cables, tools, extra fx boxes and misc. hardware for performance

5 “Rubbermaid” style storage hampers containing microphones, cables effects boxes, wah-wah pedals, tools and sundry accessories.


1 MCS dual-bay cassette machine

1 Sony CD player

1 Sony DAT machine, all rack-mount

1 Grundorf fx rack, 1 RackRider light module, I Rockmount w/ Rockman,

1 Alesis Microverb III, 1 Alesis Midiverb II, 1 Alesis RA100 reference amp

1 Alesis SR-16 drum machine

2 Alesis Studio reference monitors

1 Baldwin SM100 synth/ sound module

1 work station w/ table and monitor arms

1 Fostex XR7 Multitracker 4-track recording machine


1 Kenwood tuner, 1 Acoustic CI dual 10 band equalizer, 1 RCA 19” TV set

2 VCR recorders, one Panasonic, one Symphonic

2 Cerwin Vega stereo speakers


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