The Bare Bones Guide to HTML - in English and many other languages
BoogieJack.com - free graphics, HTML tutorials
A Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts
HTML Code Tutorial
HTML XHTML Tutorials
Web Developer's Virtual Library
W3 Schools - free online courses in HTML, XML, JavaScript, etc.
WebReference.com - formerly known as "the Webmaster Reference Library"
How to set Internet Explorer 8 View Source Tool/Editor - how to change from the view-only default tool to Notepad or other editor
Change the Source Viewer in IE, Firefox and Opera


Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Expression
Microsoft SharePoint Designer - successor to FrontPage, download for FREE
Microsoft FrontPage - product discontinued in 2006




ElectricEarl.com Music Links: Music On the Internet: DIY Tools - links to download encorders for MP3, Windows Media, RealAudio, etc.

JAVA, JavaScript, CGI, DHTML, etc.

AutoScripter.com - cut-and-paste scripts into your page free of charge
Cascading Style Sheets - the official spec, also lots of useful links
Dynamic HTML - explanation and examples
Frame BreakOut JavaScript Wizard - useful if some somebody is putting your page in their frame!
The Free Site: Javascript, Java, free Java applets
Guide to HTML and CGI Scripts - also includes info on Perl code
JavaScript for the Total Non-Programmer
JavaScript Kit - includes JavaScript Primer
The JavaScript Source - a cut-and-paste JavaScript library
JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive - webreference.com's archived collection of 30 tips
Matt's Script Archive - free CGI scripts for guestbook, random link generator, etc.
Sun Microsystems:


Whois - domain name lookup - see if the domain name you want is already taken

ICANN - List of Accredited and Accreditation-Qualified Registrars

American Association of Domain Names: Domain Name Information
ICANN [The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers]
Network Solutions (InterNIC) (homepage)
igoldrush.com - free domain name news and info
igoldrush.com - check domain name availability - like Whois but database includes UK domain names
Web Hosting Stuff - a hosting directory site that lists and reviews thousands of Web hosting plans
Budget Web - resource for finding inexpensive Web host services
Tripod - your own free Web space here


The best way to drive traffic to your Website is to get listed on search engines. Some companies offer to do the job for you - for a fee - promising to submit your site to "hundreds" of search engines. But this is rather silly, considering that nearly everybody uses the same few search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.). Better to save your money, and do the submitting yourself.

Add your URL to Google
Search Engines - each one on this list has a page on their site where your can submit your URL
Nielsen NetRatings Search Engine Ratings - pie chart indicates which search engines were the most popular in 2006


This refers to schemes to make your site appear higher in the search results. It helps to have appropriate keywords and META tags on your homepage. Also, Google and other search engines will rank your pages higher if a lot of other sites link to your site.

All of the above will happen naturally (over time) if your site has great CONTENT! That's how it's supposed to work. However, many so-called SEO companies cheat by filling up a site with popular keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content of the site. Also, they post links to their site on unrelated blogs and guestbook pages around the Internet, or they create a bunch of pages that do nothing but link to each other (a "link farm"). CAREFUL: This kind of stuff can get your site dropped by the search engines entirely!

Google guidelines:
36 SEO Myths That Won’t Die But Need To
Spamdexing: Link spam - Wikipedia article about search engine spamming
Typosquatting - Wikipedia article about cybersquatters who register common misspellings of popular domain names
What People Search For - Most Popular Keywords


How To Use HTML Meta Tags (March 2007 article)
Death Of A Meta Tag (October 2002 article)
Revisiting Meta Tags (December 2002 article)
Google Recommends Using Meta Description Tag (November 2006 article)
Yahoo! Fond Of Keywords Meta Tag, Google Ignores Them For Search Rankings (October 2006 article)


If you have a Web page that you do not want search engines to index, such as a "private" page meant only for your inner circle or a "place-holder" page at an obsolete URL, you can put a special META tag in the header of the page. This method is simple, but reportedly not recognized by all search robots. The more accepted, but complicated, way is to install a robots.txt file which lists the pages to be ignored.

Wikipedia: Robots Exclusion Standard
Robotstxt.org - all about the Robots Exclusion Standard


Digits Web Counter - hit counters
WebTrends - detailed traffic analysis for your entire site
SuperStats - Web traffic statistics service

TRAFFIC ANALYSIS: decoding IP addresses

There are programs (see above) that will analyze your server logs and compile a general report about your traffic. But if you just want to spot check certain entries (for example, to see who's looking at that new page you just added), you can use these databases to look up IP addresses manually. This will tell you where your traffic is coming from, or at least where their ISP is based.

WHOIS: domain search - click "IP address" option
ARIN WHOIS Database Search (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
RIPE NCC: Whois Queries - European IP address database
APNIC Whois Search - Asian IP address database

LINKS (good & bad)

Find out who's linking to your pages:

AltaVista - Enter "link:http...[your URL]" in the search window.
Try with and without "www" in your URL. You'll get different results.

You should also check URL's for your graphics, because there are people who will plug your images into their page as if it's part of their own site, especially if you have a popular Webcam or comic strip.

If there is a persistent problem, you may need to change your filenames on a regular basis (Dilbert changes filenames every day). You can also teach the thieves a lesson by leaving an embarrassing graphic at the old filename - use your imagination! (Here's my spoiler file.)

Freeloaders will also drain your server by linking directly to your streaming audio and video files, making it look like they are hosting the clips, so check links to those URL's, too.

Tinyurl.com - converts extremely long URL's to something short


Alexa.com - find out how your site ranks in popularity
Aquent Partners - temp jobs for Website designers (most assignments require high-tech programming credentials)
Browser Statistics - month-by-month charts showing the popularity of various Web browsers, operating systems, screen resolution, color depth, and JavaScript support (design your pages accordingly!)
FreeFind Search Engine - they claim you can "Add a search engine to your web site today, for free, in less than 10 minutes!"
ISpy WebCam Software - a utility that automatically grabs images, connects to the Internet and FTPs them to a Web server
SpyFu - search engine shows Google Adwords data, including the bid price of particular keywords
10 Big Myths about copyright explained - read this before you post somebody else's material!
USNO Time On Your Page - how to put a clock on your Web page
WS_FTP - download free version of FTP utility for Windows
Domain counts - a calculation of how many Websites are on the Internet


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