DNS Changer virus:
Windows Update - Got Windows? Get new security patches here!

Ad-Aware - download the anti-spyware program for free

National Do Not Call Registry - sign up online, or call toll-free 1-888-382-1222 from the number you wish to register

AnnualCreditReport.com (or phone 877-322-8228) - obtain a free annual credit report from each of the three credit bureaus
Anonymizer - prevents Web sites from getting info from your browser
CCleaner.com (formerly "Crap Cleaner") - free utility for cleaning up your hard drive
credit freeze - see FinancialPrivacyNow.org [Consumers Union]
DMAchoice - the Direct Marketing Association's page for opting out of junk mail lists and telemarketing lists
Dr. Solomon's Anti-Virus Online
Electronic Frontier Foundation
ESET Smart Security - anti-virus software
Evidence Eliminator - "What evidence is on your hard drive?"
Federal Trade Commission: Privacy Initiatives
FinancialPrivacyNow.org - use this Consumers Union site to order a credit freeze, which prevents identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name
homepage hijack virus - see: Computing.net - info about the homepage hijack virus
How to Interpret E-Mail Headers - anti-spam info from EarthLink
Internet Privacy Coalition - supports "widespread public availability of strong encryption"
LoJack for Laptops - track your stolen laptop (or desktop) computer!
Mail Washer - free spam-blocking software
McAfee - anti-virus software
Norton - see: Symantic Corporation (makers of Norton anti-virus software)
Open Door Networks - firewall for Macs
OptOutPrescreen.com - get off mailing lists for pre-approved credit card offers (or you can call 888-5-OPTOUT [1-888-567-8688])
PC Tools - antivirus and firewall software
Peacefire - all about filtering and monitoring s/w, includes "How to disable your blocking software"
people search engines (privacy issues):
Perfect Passwords - "ultra high security password generator"
Privacy International - a London-based human rights group
security freeze (credit freeze) - see FinancialPrivacyNow.org [Consumers Union]
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis - tests your machine to see if your privacy or data security is at risk
Spyware - It's lurking on your machine (PC Magazine, April 2003)
Symantic Corporation - makers of Norton anti-virus software
Wikipedia: Computer surveillance
World Privacy Forum Top Ten Opt Outs
ZoneAlarm - firewall for PCs (basic version is free)


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