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WORDS & MUSIC:   Earl P. Reinhalter

          I.  would you like to trade places?
              would you let me be you?
              with that I could be happy
              as a 9-to-5 working man who
              could be happy just getting
              from morning to night
              without getting restless,
              without much insight.

         II.  if only I could be happy
              with a woman who was plain,
              I'd have married long ago
              and been inclined to so remain.
              but as I look for a woman,
              a lover or wife,
              I have that sick feeling
              I'll be lonely for life.

        III.  and now I'm starving
              and sinking in debt.
              my music has taken
              my very last cent.
              and so my talent
              brings no fortune or fame...
              it was born of pain
              and only returns more of the same.

         IV.  if I could trade my freedom
              for a career plan,
              if I could forget
              how "creative" I am,
              if I could live without
              this internal combat:
              it would add years to my life...
              if you could still call it that.

© Copyright 1979 Earl P. Reinhalter.   All Rights Reserved.



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