Nervous Man Nervous
By Jim Dawson

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"Valuable education into the sizzling post-war West Coast R&B scene....Impressive."--Bill Dahl, Chicago Tribune, June 17, 1994

"Dawson gives us a fine picture of that time some 40 years ago and the cast of characters that made L.A. such a musical maelstrom: DJs like Huggy Boy and Hunter Hancock, record men like John Dolphin and Leon and Otis Rene, as well as musicians like Jack McVea and Johnny Otis. This is a well written account of a special period."--Miles Jordan, JazzTimes, March 1995

"It was a brief, bizarre, and glorious chapter in social and musical history, and Dawson has thoroughly delineated it with wild anecdotes, a lot of illustrations, and a useful discography."--Kirk Silsbee, Los Angeles Reader, October 28, 1994

"Jim Dawson vividly captures the genre's pure, utterly unsubtle excitement in his loving biography of Los Angeles sax great Big Jay McNeely and his fellow sax blasters, tracing the still-active McNeely's rise to fame via his unmatched showmanship and classic if commercially underappreciated recordings....Dawson expertly weaves in a concise history of the other movers and shakers of the L.A. sax scene, including Joe Houston, Chuck Higgins and Gil Bernal...[and] provides concise histories of several important independent labels, and profiles other sax masters across the country (Sam 'The Man' Taylor, Lynn Hope, Hal Singer, Willis Jackson, Jimmy Wright, Rudy Pompilli, etc)." Photo content is more than generous, and the tome's glossy paper does each illustration full justice."--Bill Dahl, Goldmine, December 9, 1994

Nervous Man Nervous is now out of print and the author is out of copies.



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