Cargo Cult (1982)

Cargo Cult album cover art

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1. (Ballad of An) Angry Young Man   (3:45)     MP3   lyrics chords
2. Checkin' Around   (2:18)     MP3   lyrics chords
3. Why Is It Cold?   (1:38)     MP3   lyrics chords
4. It's Not Over [revised version]   (4:59)     MP3   lyrics chords
5. Cargo Cult   (2:16)     MP3   lyrics chords
6. Johnny's Song   (2:30)     MP3   lyrics chords
7. Soldier of Fortune   (2:05)     MP3   lyrics chords
8. At the Edge of the Arctic   (3:21)     MP3   lyrics chords
9. Process of Elimination   (2:11)     MP3   lyrics chords
10. It Happened One Time   (1:59)     MP3   lyrics chords
11. Tojo   (2:23)     MP3   lyrics chords
12. Sirhan   (2:03)     MP3   lyrics chords

Total time:   31:57


# title musicians / singers
1. (Ballad of An) Angry Young Man EARL: vocal, guitar
2. Checkin' Around EARL: vocal, guitar
3. Why Is It Cold? EARL: vocal, guitar
4. It's Not Over [revised version] EARL: vocal, guitar
"It's Not Over" is a new recording of a song that had appeared on my previous album Time Bomb Kid (1981). Originally written with a rather strident rhythm, over time I found that it worked better when played at a slower tempo. Also, a guitar solo in the middle of the song made for better pacing.
5. Cargo Cult EARL: vocal, guitar
The "Cargo Cult" song and album graphics were inspired by an article in the May 1974 issue of National Geographic, which I had found at a Volunteers of America thrift store.
6. Johnny's Song EARL: vocals, guitar, bass
This recording originally appeared on my previous album Time Bomb Kid (1981). Back in the days when I was mostly performing cover material, "Johnny's Song" was the first original song of mine that audiences really liked. And so I stuck it on this new tape that I was selling at my shows. Johnny was my girlfriend's 5-year-old son. Besides inspiring this song, which was about the time we went flying kites on the LSU parade grounds, a few years later he loaned me the Magnus toy organ that I played on We're Not Strangers (1985). The second verse, which talks about "flying your space machine," refers to a Star Wars toy he had.
7. Soldier of Fortune EARL: vocal, guitar
In the movie Zabriskie Point, there are scenes of political activists holding meetings and giving speeches, but the protagonist of the film actually went out and did something. Reading a copy of Soldier of Fortune magazine, I saw a parallel, people who speak with actions instead of words. "The ultimate weapon" phrase quotes the motto of the infantry training center at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where I had gone through basic training when I was in the army.
8. At the Edge of the Arctic EARL: vocal, guitar
9. Process of Elimination EARL: vocal, guitar
10. It Happened One Time EARL: vocal, guitar
11. Tojo EARL: vocal, guitar
12. Sirhan EARL: vocal, guitar
Featuring Electric Earl on vocals and guitar. Recorded live to 2-track, except that "Johnny's Song" has overdubbed harmony vocals and bass.

Engineered by Electric Earl.

Recording dates: December 1982 (track #1-5, 7-11), 12/20/1981 (track #6), 9/30/1982 (track #12)

The original cassette version of this album had track #1-5 on side one, and #6-11 on side two.

All words and music by Earl P. Reinhalter.


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