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Known as both Glen Oak Drive (officially) and Glen Oak Street (unofficially),
this cul-de-sac is located in Hollywood, California, just below the stone
gates of Hollywoodland at the top of Beachwood Drive in Beachwood
Canyon. It was paved in 1927.

(Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Meyer, Hollywoodland Antiques, 2699˝ Beachwood Drive; (323) 962-2438.)

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This photo was taken sometime after 1927, when Glen Oak Drive was paved. The large rectangular building at the lower left is 6120, which has since been broken into apartments, including 6126. The large home across the street is 6125. Behind it is the rustic-looking 6129. Just up the hill, next to it, is 6135, which was torn down in the late 1990s and replaced with a much larger building. Further up the hill is a cluster of four houses: 6153, 6165 and 6171 are still standing, though they have been remodeled; the topmost house at 6175 has since been torn down and replaced.


These are the people who lived in the 6100 and 6200 block of Glen Oak Drive, according to the 1955 Los Angeles directory.

6100 Everette E. Sweet
6102 H.W. Irwin
6104 Bud Oliver
6106 George Williams
6108 Glenn R. Ingram
6111 Fenna B. Simms, PhD
6112 Mamie D. Frankel
6114 Verne L. Child
6114 Rudy G. Shellenberger
6115 Rhoda Devick
6115 William A. Lyle, real estate est.
6119 J. Howard Bender
6119 Leo B. Murray, plumber
6120 Mrs. M. Andrew Strong
6122 Ruth Stephenson
6124 Christine L. Fernandes
6125, Apt 1 Lorraine Kranz
6125, Apt 2 Sylvia K. Fry
6125, Apt 5 Bernard Miller
6126 Elizabeth Wallace
6128 Adeline Gray
6129 Harvey S. Greene
6129-1/2 D.R. Johnson
6129-1/2 E. Loring Ware
6131 Margaret M. Edison
6131-1/2 Issa N. Bandak
6134 Edwin K. Baker
6136 Mrs. Ethel M. Fox
6140 W. Merle Connell
6144 Mrs. George S. MacMaster
6144 John G. MacMaster
6152 Lee Coleman
6152 Percy Coleman
6152 Lee Rhodes
6153 Edward J. Long
6154 Leo B. Murray, plumber
6157 James B. Brown
6157 Paul A. Weeger
6162, Apt. 1 James McDonough
6162, Apt. 3 Felix Molskis
6165 Maude R. Smith
6170 H. E. Larson
6171 Edwin M. Afpelbaum
6174 Neyle Morrow
6174 Cornelius Wildhagen
6181 Herman Stewart
6183 Ruth Wells
6184 William J. Otto
6201 Al Sleep Stein
6209 Richard L. Strong
6215 Betty Allison


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