Based on the letters of Earl Philip Reinhalter (1922-1953). Edited by his son, Earl Philip Reinhalter (1950-).

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Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines


Jan. 19, 1945

Hello Ma:

      Received two letters dated Nov. 26 and Dec. 31st from you. Also, from Phus one dated Jan. 4th. Thanks for the subscription to Coronet. Also, for the stick of gum from Yvonne. No, I don't know James Codd, Jr. No, I wasn't too surprised to hear that Natalie [Bartlett] is going to be married. I'll have to write her a letter wishing her a lot of luck and all that kind of stuff. I guess that that's the correct thing to do. I guess that Yvonne is well once again now. No Christmas packages yet. I don't expect any for a long time yet. Boats are being used for more important things.

      Here at my base, things are very quiet. Only one air raid in the last two weeks. It's still rainy season here. Last night and all day today, it has rained.

      Well, Ma, there isn't really much of which to write. Yes, I know that this is a short letter; but what is there for me to write? To repeat the same thing in each letter is very boring. All of my letters seem to have the same style. Usually beginning with "Received letters dated-" etc., followed by a "Thanks." Then the letter continues to discuss a hangnail sketch of the conditions here. Yes, very silly trying to write a letter with nothing to say. I have practically stopped writing to everyone but you, mainly for that reason.

      Well, this is the end of two or three sheets of idle trivia which you can help fill a trash can with.

      So, until my next scrap of illiterate literature -


      P.S. Am O.K. as usual.


The Kindle book includes the letters; all 23 issues of the unit’s wartime newsletter “The Squadron Pulse,” which was originally edited by Leonard Stringfield; all 12 issues of the “Pennant Parade” newsletter that Stringfield published while sailing home after the war; complete text of the U.S. government booklet “Pocket Guide to Australia,” which soldiers heading Down Under were given to read; more than 200 photos; pre-war and postwar family history; and over 700 explanatory endnotes.


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