Based on the letters of Earl Philip Reinhalter (1922-1953). Edited by his son, Earl Philip Reinhalter (1950-).

Childhood and Early Family
(Pre-War Photos)

Earl was born eight days before Easter. This card seems to be from Earl’s grandmother.
The message appears to say: “With Easter Greeting to you and the baby. Mother”

A greeting for Earl’s first birthday.

Earl with his parents in 1922.

Earl and his mother in Spring 1922.

Earl and his father in Summer 1922.

Earl with half-sister Phyllis, his father’s daughter from a previous marriage.

Phyllis and Aunt Ginny (her step-mother’s sister Virginia) in Summer 1922.

Earl in Summer 1924.

Earl in Summer 1924.

Earl with sister Kitty, who was born a year after him, playing in Franklin Square in October 1924.

Earl in October 1924.

Phyllis with Kitty (one year old) and Earl in Summer 1924.

Earl and Kitty in January 1927.

Earl and Kitty in Woodlawn in April 1927. An enlargement (below) reveals something odd. They are each wearing one roller skate!

Earl as “Sitting Bull” in January 1927.

Earl enjoys the snow in Woodlawn.

Earl and Phyllis. In the lower part of the picture is Kitty

Earl pulls Phyllis and Kitty on sled.

Catherine and Phil, with his daughter Phyllis on the right, and in the foreground are Earl andKitty.

Phyllis with her younger half-siblings Kitty and Earl.

Kitty, Phyllis and Earl.

Earl, presumably on his way to school or church.

Earl in an early school portrait.

Kitty, Phyllis and Earl in Spring 1936.

Earl and his Taylor Cub in October 1936.

Earl in a suit.

Earl on graduation day, June 17, 1937, as labeled on the print. He would have been only 15 years
old, so presumably this was not graduation from high school, but rather junior high school.

Earl on graduation day, with Kitty and their little sister Yvonne, then two years old.

Earl on graduation day, with his grandmother.

Yvonne, age 5.

Earl with his mother in 1942. By now the family had moved to 4408 Frederick Avenue.

Earl and Yvonne in 1942.

Earl’s mother, Catherine Reinhalter [née Oster] in her younger days.

Catherine graduated high school on June 24, 1918.

Catherine’s graduating class. In the cropped enlargement below, she is listed under her birth name, Eva Catherine Oster.
She did not like the name Eva, and by now was signing her name E. Catherine Oster (second image below).
By the time Earl was born, she was legally Catherine Evelyn Reinhalter.

Earl’s father was originally married to the former Marie Barsalou.
She died during the Spanish flu pandemic.

Earl’s father and Marie had a young daughter, Phyllis Marie Reinhalter, seated on the right in this photo from 1920.

Phyllis and her friend Sissie in 1920.

Phyllis’s baptism certificate. In the cropped enlargement below, you can see it has the
French version of her name. I believe that her mother was originally from Montréal.

Certificate of Phyllis’s first Holy Communion, May 5, 1921. This was only a year after her
mother died. The chapel was at Mount de Sales Academy in Catonsville, Maryland.

Phyllis (right) with her friend Grace Bankert on July 14, 1936.

Phyllis and her father on November 12, 1939.

Phyllis and Kitty, year unknown.

Earl’s paternal grandfather, Nicholas Michael Reinhalter, with his wife and family. According to, they had ten children altogether. Judging by the birth dates, I estimate this photo is from 1891 or 1892. I believe that the boy in the back, holding the harmonica, is Earl’s father, Philip Jacob Reinhalter. I recall Yvonne showing me this photo once and telling me that.

Portrait of Nicholas Reinhalter. One source says that he is wearing a Zouve (French Light Infantry) uniform.

Nicholas’s son, Nicholas Reinhalter Jr., hosted a dance on October 25, 1912. He called it the Retlahnier Social Club, after
his last name spelled backwards. Here is the program for that event. His sister Marguerite is mentioned twice.

The Retlahnier Social Club dance was written up
in The Boston Globe the following day.

The elder Nicholas Reinhalter died a month later. Above is the death notice from The Boston
, November 27, 1912. The obituary below ran in the next day’s paper.

Nicholas Reinhalter Jr. lived another 29 years. His death was
reported in The Boston Globe on November 17, 1941.

Michael Antczak Sr. and Theresa Kosinski, the parents of Earl’s
future wife Loretta, on their wedding day in 1926.

Loretta’s mother, possibly in 1920.

Loretta’s mother in 1942.

Loretta (right), with her older siblings Marcella and Mike.

Loretta (right) and her sister Marcella.


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