Based on the letters of Earl Philip Reinhalter (1922-1953). Edited by his son, Earl Philip Reinhalter (1950-).

How the Book Cover Was Created

First there was this photo of Sgt. Earl Reinhalter after returning home in November 1945:

That photo was cropped:

The background was removed:

The image was colorized:

Next, individual elements were copied from this 2019 photo of the jacket:

The original cap and belt are missing. The cap insignia and belt buckle were copied from these photos found online:

After combining individual contemporary elements with the colorized 1945 photo:

The background is primarily a blend of the following two photos from New Guinea in 1944:

Faint text was added from this September 28, 1945, letter about Hiroshima,
which was converted to a negative image, white text on black:

The postmark in the lower left corner comes from this envelope:

For the title, I used a font called "Capture it." The color comes from the uniform jacket.
The white subtitle is a font called "Arial Rounded MT Bold."


The Kindle book includes Earl Reinhalter’s World War II letters; all 23 issues of the unit’s wartime newsletter “The Squadron Pulse,” which was originally edited by Leonard Stringfield; all 12 issues of the “Pennant Parade” newsletter that Stringfield published while sailing home after the war; complete text of the U.S. government booklet “Pocket Guide to Australia,” which soldiers heading Down Under were given to read; more than 200 photos; pre-war and postwar family history; and over 700 explanatory endnotes.


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