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Judy, Muffin and Astrid
Judy           Muffin           Astrid

The 3RD Annual LONG MAY YOU RUN salute to NEIL YOUNG was held at Highland Grounds on July 26, 1997.

Organized by Muffin [aka Jimmy Muffin] and Judy Toy, the show featured Neil's half-sister Astrid Young, RCA recording artist Dillon O'Brien and the cream of the local folk community.

Highland Grounds Muffin and Judy
VENUE: Highland Grounds HOSTS: Muffin and Judy

THE PERFORMERS (in order of appearance)

Steve Eckstein Electric Earl
Steve Eckstein Electric Earl

Steve Eckstein - "Unknown Legend"
Electric Earl - "Southern Man"

Wendy Sue Rosloff Dan Janisch
Wendy Sue Rosloff Dan Janisch

Wendy Sue Rosloff - "Round and Round (It Won't Be Long)"
Dan Janisch - "Star of Bethlehem" and "Wrecking Ball"

Chris Laterzo Paul Inman
Chris Laterzo Paul Inman
(taking a rare turn at piano)

Chris Laterzo - "Flying On the Ground Is Wrong" and "Don't Be Denied"
Paul Inman - "Expecting to Fly" (w/Judy) and "Harvest" (w/John of Losin' Brothers)

Dan Navarro Joe and Muffin
Dan Navarro Joseph Werner       Muffin

Dan Navarro - "Birds" and "Cinnamon Girl"
Joseph Werner - "After the Gold Rush" (w/Muffin on guitar and second kazoo)

Muffin doubles on kazoo Ask Astrid segment
Muffin doubles on kazoo "Ask Astrid"
(about Neil)

This year's show featured two "Ask Astrid" segments in which she answered questions from the audience about her famous brother. Most interesting revelation: Neil's middle name is Percival.

Judy Toy Judy and Paul
Judy Toy Judy           Paul

Judy and Paul - "Sail Away," "Human Highway" and "Cowgirl In the Sand"

Barry Holdship Bum Steers
Barry Holdship The Bum Steers
(Taras Prodaniuk, Ed Tree and Mark Fosson)

Barry Holdship - "Out On the Weekend," "Long May You Run" and "Don't Cry No Tears"
Bum Steers - "I Was A Child," "The Needle & the Damage Done" and "Old Man" (w/Judy Toy)

Astrid and Muffin Dillon O'Brien
The Young Muffins Dillon O'Brien

Young Muffins (Muffin & Astrid with Rob Hurd on guitar, Frank Salemmo on drums and Ron Yeager on bass) - "Roll Another Number," "Down By the River" and "Rockin' In the Free World"
Dillon O'Brien - "Harvest Moon"

Erin and Muffin Astrid Young
Erin McCaffrey     Muffin Astrid Young

For her solo set, Astrid Young used the house piano and sang five of her brother's older songs, including "When You Dance I Can Really Love," "I Believe In You," "Don't Let It Bring You Down" and a room-hushing rendition of "On the Beach." Her set concluded with "Helpless," for which Erin McCaffrey and Muffin sang backup.

Tony Gilkyson and Mark Insley D.J. Bonebrake
Tony Gilkyson     Mark Insley D.J. Bonebrake

Mark Insley's band included Tony Gilkyson and D.J. Bonebrake, both formerly of the legendary Los Angeles band X. Taras Prodaniuk from Dwight Yoakam's band (behind Mark in the photo above) played bass. They did "The Losing End (When You're On)," "For the Turnstyles" and "Vampire Blues." Mark's baritone brought a whole new sound to Neil's songs.

Astrid with Devitt Feeley
Astrid         Devitt Feeley

Devitt Feeley's set closed out the show. He sang "Tell Me Why" with help from Astrid, then "Dance Dance Dance" solo.

FINALE: Judy, Muffin and Astrid
Judy       Muffin       Astrid

For the finale, Judy and Muffin joined Devitt and Astrid for rousing renditions of "Ohio" and "Comes A Time."

GIF of flyer for this show


Last year's show was held at Jacks Sugar Shack. Astrid brought along her pal Nancy Wilson from Heart.

Nancy and Astrid
Nancy         Astrid

(This year's "surprise guest" cancelled at the last minute, but nobody seemed to notice.)


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