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PAST SHOWS (listed in reverse chronological order)

June 3, 1999
Hosted by Muffin.   Scheduled guests included Severin Browne, Eddie Cunningham, James Coberly Smith, Matthew Lee, Reeva Hunter, Susan Toney, Webster Saltman, Greg Walsh, Louis Ortega.   There were also unscheduled performances by several performers, including Amilia K. Spicer and Julie Zeitlin.

May 6, 1999
Hosted by Eddie Cunningham.   Performers included:   Muffin, Karen Tobin, Rick Ellis, Paul Kaminsky, Caren Campbell, Sari Anderson, Pat Brayer, Clive Kennedy, Ray Doyle, Vicki Cunningham, Severin Browne, Lois Blaisch.

April 1, 1999
Ed Tree hosted.   Ed's guests included Jenny Yates, Lauren Ellis, Steve Pouliot, Cornbread Buddha, Kellie Coffey, David Anthony, Jim Schwarz, John Stowers, Doug McCloud.

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March 4, 1999
Guest host Juice Newton.   Scheduled performers were the Bum Steers, Randy Sharp, George Highfill, Robin Pearl, Steve Cochran, Randy Weeks, Lisa Blue, Barry Fasman.   Western Beat founder Billy Block flew in from Nashville to emcee the show.

February 4, 1999
Freebo was guest host.   Scheduled performers included Mojo Monkeys, Valerie Carter, Connie Kim, The David McKelvy Harmonica Trio, Suzanne Paris, Arlan Schierbaum, the Zydeco Party Band, and Lisa Nemzo.

January 7, 1999
Teresa James and Terry Wilson were the guest hosts.   Scheduled performers: Mel Harker, John Walmsley, Jenny Yates, Dillon O'Brien, Tex Beaumont, Gary Floyd.

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December 3, 1998
Guest host Paul Marshall.   Scheduled performers included Teresa James, Lauren Ellis, Dan Janisch, Steve Stanley (of Single Bullet Theory), Steve Pouliot, Dean Dobbins, Rick Solem, and Ray Doyle.

November 5, 1998
Guest host Craig Lackey.   Scheduled performers included Five Wheel Drive, Marty Axelrod, the Bum Steers, Elizaveta, Jan Daley, Cheaper Than A Movie, Jamie Houston, the Mojo Monkeys, Larry Vail, and Diana Williamson.

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October 1, 1998
Guest host Karen Tobin.   Scheduled performers: Tamara Champlin, Mark Romano, Hugh James, James Grey, Hilary Lockwood, Steve Cochran, John Mizenko, Briget Boyle.

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September 3, 1998
7th anniversary show, hosted by founder Billy Block, featuring the Bum Steers, Robin Pearl, Merrilee Weeber, Lois Blaisch, Teresa James & Terry Wilson, Paul Marshall, Eddie Cunningham, Karen Tobin, Muffin, John Strider, Craig Lackey.

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August 6, 1998
Guest host Nick Pyzo, with Phil Parlapiano, Carry Getz, Paul Sherwood, Glenys Rogers, Dreyfus Grayson, Danette Christine, Five Wheel Drive, and Maia Sharp (whose pleasant performance was somewhat marred by a loudmouth audience member who chattered throughout her set)

July 2, 1998
Ed Tree (host), with guests Freebo, Scott Anderson, Outlaw Jack, Lightnin' Willie, Seth Jackson, Peter White, Jennifer Robin, Barbara Way, Lisa Nemzo.   Also: surprise guest Jennie Yates.   (Scheduled performer Sandy Ross was unable to appear.)

June 4, 1998
Ed Tree (host), with scheduled guests Wendy Conrad (CD release party), Teresa James, George Highfill, Richard Haxton, Paul Sherwood, Mary Coppin, Scott Anderson, and Raven.

May 7, 1998
Guest host Merrily Weeber. Other performers included Lauren Ellis, Jann Browne, Peter Dubeau, Gwendolyn, Dan Marcus, John Strider, and Gashouse Dave. [Scheduled guest Jack Tempchin couldn't make it.]

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April 2, 1998
Guest host Eddie Cunningham. Other performers included Farmer Tan, Chris Darrow (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Danny Federici (Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band), John Ford Coley, Pat Brayer (Allison Krauss), Shawn Jones, Paul Marshall, Jeffrey Steele, the Ramblers, Paul Kamanski (Beat Farmers hitmaker), and Vicki Clark.

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March 5, 1998
Despite the Hollywood Freeway (route 101) being shut down by a horrific accident during rush hour, all of the scheduled acts appeared. Guest host: John Strider. Discovery/Warner artist Perla Batalla performed with her co-writer David Batteau, who penned the title song for the upcoming Bonnie Raitt album. Also appearing were the Mojo Monkeys, Merrily Weeber (with John Barnard and Norm Sancho), Karen Tobin (whose backup group included Brantley Kearns and Ed Tree), Jonathan Bloom, Bob McGilpin, Wha!, and Brett Thompson.

February 5, 1998
Hosted by Billy Block and this month's guest host Jimmy Muffin. Scheduled guests included Judy Toy, the Mojo Monkeys, Mark Insley, the Woodys, Krista and Tommy Holdenhill, the Losin' Brothers, Sharon Resnick, Brett Perkins, Patty Booker, Chris Knight.

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January 8, 1998
Host and performers unknown.

December 4, 1997
Scheduled performers: Christopher Ward (guest host), John Cody, Larry Klein, Lynn Miles, Andrea Marcum, John Taylor, Sidney Forest, Saffron Henderson, Dwayne Neilsson.

November 6, 1997
Guest host Karen Tobin (who also performed). Her guests included Jan Buckingham, Eddie Cunningham, J.J. White, Lauren Ellis, Craig Lackey, John Strider, Hugh James.

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October 2, 1997
Hosted by Billy Block (in town for recording sessions with the Bum Steers). Scheduled musical guests: Mojo Monkeys, Jennifer Robin, Alan Wachs, Ricky Wells, Warren Sellars, Diana Harris, Cody LePow, Garrett Swayne, Steve Cochran.

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September 4, 1997
6th ANNIVERSARY SHOW hosted by founder Billy Block (who lives in Nashville nowadays). Scheduled musical guests: Judy Toy, Robin Pearl, the Bum Steers, Lois Blaisch, Ritt Henn and Darryl S. (from Naked to the World), Dillon O'Brien, Craig Lackey, Mark Islam, Zydeco Party Band, John Andrew Parks, Eddie Cunnginham, Paul Marshall, Christopher Ward, Karen Tobin, and Reeva Hunter.

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August 7, 1997
Scheduled performers: Mark Fosson (guest host), featuring Debra Davis, David Robyn, Paul Marshall, Adie Grey, Robin Pearl, John LeGrande, Susan Toney, Scott Anderson, Chad Watson

July 3, 1997
Scheduled performers: Craig Lackey (guest host), Karen Tobin, Eddie Cunningham, Jamie Houston, J.D. Martin, Tim James, Margie Nelson, Ray Doyle

June 5, 1997
Scheduled performers: David Jackson (guest host), Richard Sherman, Don Preston, Raul Reynoso, Michael Flemming, Bill Lynch, Steve Moos, The Rickenbastards, John Reynolds, Danny Timms

May 1, 1997 - Photos of all the performers!
(Slow download, but worth seeing)
Judy Toy (guest host), Weeber-Barnard, Dillon O'Brien, Erin McCaffrey, Paul Inman, Matthew Lee, the Losin' Brothers, Eden Everly, John Ford Coley, Chris Laterzo, Matthew Clark, Hal Cohen, George Gerdes, and Electric Earl.

Western Beat Roots Revival (Nashville)

Western Beat founder Billy Block now lives in Nashville, where he now hosts his weekly Western Beat Roots Revival shows at Exit/In. Their Website includes RealAudio of the pilot for a proposed Western Beat radio program.

Billy's wife Jill Block now performs under the name Pork Chop Kelly.

Billy can be reached at:

Western Beat Entertainment
P.O. Box 128105
Nashville, TN 37212

Voice: (615) 383-5466
Fax: (615) 383-6331

Website: http://www.westernbeat.com/   *
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