Bittersuite (1980)


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1. The Old Philosopher [instrumental]   (1:31)   MP3 WMA RA
2. I Love the Day   (2:26)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
3. Who Lives On Earth Tonight?   (2:53)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
4. Toast and Eggs   (2:43)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
5. Your Eyes   (3:38)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
6. She's My Girl   (2:35)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
7. Another Reality   (3:27)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
8. I'm Just A Country Boy [Fred Hellerman - Marshall Barer]   (2:53)
9. I Honestly Love You [Jeff Barry - Peter Allen]   (3:02)
10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Ewan MacColl]   (3:18)
11. I Dance & Dance & Smile & Smile [Dory Previn]   (3:10)
12. Love [John Lennon]   (2:02)
13. Sound of Love [B. Gibb, R. Gibb & M. Gibb]   (3:04)
14. Oh, Sister [Bob Dylan - Jacques Levy]   (2:23)
15. Blame   (4:55)   MP3 WMA RA lyrics chords
16. Humidity [instrumental]   (2:04)   MP3 WMA RA

Total time:   46:43

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Featuring Electric Earl on vocals and guitar, recorded live to 2-track.

I recorded this album to give to my girlfriend for Christmas. (Hence, all the love songs on side two!) This started a tradition that persisted all through the next decade, doing a recording project at the end of every year. That very productive habit ended when I moved to California in 1990, and I no longer had access to the musicians and equipment that I once did.

Track #1-14 recorded by Edward B. Smith at Creative Sound Productions studio.
Track #15-16 recorded at home, engineered and mixed by Electric Earl.
Recording dates: December 1980 (track #1-14), 8/3/1980 (track #15), 6/10/1979 (track #16)

The original cassette version of this album had track #1-7 (original songs) on side one, and #8-14 (cover songs) on side two.

All words and music by Earl P. Reinhalter except as noted above.



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