Ofra Haza close-up portrait

After her interview at KCRW-FM, Ofra Haza greeted those of us who were waiting outside the studio.   One thing I'll always remember is how she signed her autograph.   Instead of just scribbling a quick signature, she took care to spell my name correctly, wrote "Love, Ofra Haza" (in English), and then drew a heart and put the date.   And when I asked her to sign something for a friend, she did the same thing again, double-checking the spelling of the name and drawing a heart.

While she was signing my poster, I told her that I had stolen it off the wall outside the auditorium after her UCLA concert, and she laughed.   If I managed to give Ofra Haza a few seconds of humor in her life, that is one thing I can always feel good about.


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