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WORDS & MUSIC:   Earl P. Reinhalter

A* = play A - A6 - A               E* = play E - E6 - E

        INTRO:  Bm - G - F#7 - A

                Bm        G
            I.  Indian warpaints,
                D             Bm
                togas of dead saints,
                G        D           E/B    A
                standing at the barricade,
                Bm             G
                wonder why the state
                D           Bm
                won't emancipate
                G     D          E/B    A
                their carnival parade,
                G     D          E     A* - E* - A* - E*
                their carnival parade.

                A*   E*     A*   E*
       BRIDGE:  slim Sandy, hair high.
                A*   E*              A*      E*
                wide Wally wears his wildest tie.
                A*      E*            A*           E*
                Jim the juggler, with nails in his hand,
                A*     E*            A*  E*
                throws things at the medicine man.
                    A          E/B     A/C#  E/B
                and Woofer and Tweeter both  rant
                A          E/B    A/C#  E/B     A      E/B   A/C#   E/B
                in perfect meter: "give peace a chant."

                    Bm        G
           II.  and Larry the leper
                    D        Bm
                and old Sgt. Pepper
                G D               E/B      A
                deface the castle grounds
                Bm                G
                to voice their dissension,
                    D             Bm
                but no one pays attention
                G  D             E/B    A
                   to a bunch of clowns.
                G       D              E        A* - E* - A* - E*
                they're all a bunch of clowns.

                /// REPEAT INTRO ///

                Bm                G
          III.  there goes Paul Revere,
                   D              Bm
                as Chicken Little nears
                G     D           E/B   A
                Moses at the barrier.
                    Bm               G
                and John the Baptist pled
                     D               Bm
                with Crying Wolf and said:
                     G       D             E      A* - E* - A* - E*
                "why do they dress for failure?"

                /// REPEAT INTRO ///

                Bm        G        D
       ENDING:  Indian warpaints...
(in 6/4 time)*  Bm            G       D
                togas of dead saints...
                Bm             G      D
                wonder why the state
                Bm          G     D
                won't emancipate...

                (repeat and fade)

        * Played as 4/4 + 2/4 (each chord gets 2 beats)

© Copyright 1984 Earl P. Reinhalter.   All Rights Reserved.



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