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A LOOK BACK:   April 24, 1997 at the Troubadour

Erin close-up

Erin is one of those "Why isn't she famous?" kinds of performers. She has it all - great songs, great looks and a hot band. Her musical style crosses all boundaries. She's primarily a country singer, but she'll often follow a slow ballad with a hard-driving blues/rocker.

Performing second on a five-act bill, Erin bound onto the stage with such energy and confidence that you'd never know that she had only gotten three hours sleep the night before. Her stage outfit consisted of short-shorts, a dark short-sleeved cowboy shirt, a black cowboy hat and a pair of what she called "hippie boots." The hat served to keep her almost-long-enough-to-step-on hair out of her face. She always holds the mike in her right hand.

The set list:

The set consisted of mostly original material. It's hard to pick a favorite song, there were so many high points. The pop/country ballad "Here I Go" is always a standout. (A local music journalist was once heard to exclaim - less than a minute into the song - "That's a hit!")

The band punched up the energy level to the extreme on blues oriented material like "Call It Love" and "Man's Touch." The harmonica and slide guitar playing recalled the 70's-era Rolling Stones.

The folky "Oklahoma Rain" (which Erin described as a kind of musical scrapbook), the hoedown rave-up "Hold On," and Hank Williams' "Honky Tonk Blues" established her country credentials.

When playing the smaller venues, Erin sometimes performs with Muffin. And she often includes one or two of his songs in her set when she performs with a band. Tonight, by coincidence, Muffin was on the bill, and Erin's set included "She Is the One," which Muffin had just played an hour before. It was interesting to compare and contrast the two versions, his sounding like Buddy Holly with a folk guitar and hers having a syncopated rhythm and a sizzling electric guitar solo.

black & blue silhouette           Erin kneeling

& drums
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Also on the bill:   Muffin (billed as "Jimmy Muffin"), Krista & Tommy Holdenhill, Mark Insley and Aynee Osborn.

GIF of flyer for this show

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