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Here are some notable Webcam photos from the early days of ElectricEarl.com.   Click on a thumbnail to see the original full-size image.   The older ones are 320x240 pixels in size.   Starting in Spring of 1998, the size of the LA-cam was increased to 576x432, then reduced to 448x336 in order to speed download times.

Some of the archive photos have a jagged edge along the right-hand side.   That's a palm tree (sometimes covered by ivy).   It was cut down on August, 13, 2004.

Squirrel climbs tree Blimp in the sky Morning fog Sunrise in the east Sunset reflects on skyline
Generic 640x480 photo * Rainbow over East LA
(with a faint double-rainbow)
Rainbow over City Hall
(City Hall is the pointed white
building at the end of the rainbow)
Fireworks over
Dodger Stadium
April Fool's '98 (day)
April Fool's '98 (night) Canvas-textured photo
(looks like a painting)
April Fool's '99 (day) April Fool's '99 (night) Typical nighttime view

* The large "generic" photo makes a nice desktop "wallpaper."   This photo, which is from 3-8-98, was purposely saved without a date stamp.

logo animation thumbnail

When the site first started, is was called "electric LA" and there was no LA-cam.   Instead, the homepage consisted of a large animated GIF of the "electric LA" logo, plus a few icons.   Click on this thumbnail to see the animation.


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